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Lawyer Referral Service in Minnesota

If you need to find a lawyer in Minnesota, then consider the benefits of using a Lawyer Service sponsored by a local bar association. Both the Hennepin County Bar Association and the Ramsey County Bar Association manage a lawyer referral service. Both of these services are recognized by the American Bar Association for meeting their standards for such services.

These community-based services provide the public with an alternative to searching the internet or using an online attorney directory to find an attorney.

Hennepin County Bar Association LRIS
Website: http://www.hcba.org/
600 Nicollet Mall, #390
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 612-752-6666

Serving Hennepin County and the Twin Cities Metro Area

Ramsey County Bar Association
Website: http://www.ramseybar.org/find-a-lawyer/
E-1401 First National Bank Building
332 Minnesota Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 651-224-1775

Serving Ramsey County, and the East Metro

MNFindALawyer.com - Paid Directory of the Minnesota Bar Association

Although not a lawyer referral service, the Minnesota Bar Association manages a membership directory of attorneys found at www.mnfindalawyer.com. A fee must be paid by the attorney to be listing in the directory, although using the directory is free to the public.

Any attorney who is licensed to practice law in Minnesota is eligible for a profile on the directory. The Minnesota State Bar Association is an organization made up of more than 16,000 lawyers licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota.

To be listed, however, the attorney must pay a $40 annual fee. The attorneys listed in the directory also agree to follow certain terms of use of the program including acknowledging the following:

  • he or she is authorized to practice law in Minnesota;
  • he or she is authorized to practice law in any jurisdiction where legal services are provided;
  • he or she is a current member in good standing of the Minnesota State Bar Association;
  • he or she is not subject to any restrictions on his or her license to practice law.

A restriction on the license to practice law is defined to include a private or public probation or any other stipulated condition such as supervision. The attorney must also acknowledge that he or she is not currently subject to any pending disciplinary action or complaint by the Supreme Court or any related agency.

The attorney must also agree to notify the Minnesota State Bar Association of any disciplinary action or complaint commenced against the attorney by any applicable state or regulatory agency or board while listing on the website.

When completing the profile on the directory, the attorney must selects certain categories and subcategories of the law. By selecting those categories, the attorney agrees to accept referrals in those categories and represents that he or she is qualified to handle legal matters in each of those categories. The attorney is required to explain their initial consultation policy on their profile.

Search features include keyword, type of case, location and language. After the attorneys are sorted for those search features, the directory provides that "[s]earch results are displayed in random order so that no lawyer is favored over another in each search result."

Finding an Attorney in Minnesota

If you need to find an attorney in Minnesota then consider the benefits of using a lawyer referral service sponsored by a local bar association. If you are looking for the convenience of an attorney directory, then you should also consider using the online attorney directory maintained by the Minnesota State Bar Association at www.mnfindalawyer.com.