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Lawyer Referral Service in Lake County, IL

The Lake County Bar Association maintains an online Lawyer Referral Services that helps individuals and businesses find a qualified attorney throughout Lake County, Illinois. The service also benefits the members of the Lake County Bar Association by providing them with another potential referral source.

The Lawyer Referral Service in Lake County, Illinois, screens attorneys through an extensive application process. When applying for the Lawyer Referral Service, each attorney must detail their education, experience, any disciplinary action.

Attorneys must be in good standing with the state bar. The attorneys are screened for their practical experience in a specific subject matter practice area. The attorneys must also maintained malpractice insurance.

The attorneys then serve on panels based on their area of concentration. You can visit the website of the Lake County Bar Association to find more information on the benefits of using the Lawyer Referral Service.

Contact Information:

Lake County Bar Association
Website: http://www.lakecountylawyer.info/
300 Grand Ave STE A
Waukegan, IL 60085
Phone: 847-244-3143 or 847-244-3140

Types of Attorneys in the Cook County Referral Service

The Lake County Bar Association in Waukegan, IL, created an online attorney directory that helps the public find a qualified attorney focused on one of twelve main practice areas of the law including:

Administrative Law;
Commercial Law;
Consumer Law;
Criminal Law;
Employment Law;
Environmental Law / Land Use;
Family Law;
Personal Injury / Property Damage;
Real Estate; and
Wills / Estate / Probate / Wills & Trust.

Finding an Attorney in Lake County, IL

If you are looking for a local attorney in Lake County or Waukegan, IL, then consider the benefits of using the Lawyer Referral Service sponsored by the Lake County Bar Association. The service screens the attorneys in advance for their competence and experience in the needed practice area. Visit the lawyer referral website of the Lake County Bar Association for more information.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role of lawyer referral services in the State of Illinois. These services provide an alternative to searching the internet or using a commercial online attorney directory.