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Lawyer Referral Service in Cobb County, GA

The Cobb County Bar Association sponsors a Lawyer Referral Service. The lawyer referral services ("LRS") helps individuals and businesses in Marietta and Cobb County, GA, find a qualified attorney in different practice areas of the law.

The service pre-screens attorneys for their experience in a variety of practice areas. Attorneys must also be in good standing before the Georgia State Bar and have experience in the needed practice area of the law. The attorneys that participate in the service must also be covered by an Errors and Omissions Policy of Malpractice Insurance with limits of not less than $100,000.00/$300,000.00.

Contact Information

Cobb County Bar Association (CCBA)
Website: ccba.site-ym.com
Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)
90 Haynes Street
Suite 2006
Marietta, GA 30090
Phone: 770-424-2947

The Cobb County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service is located on the second floor of the Cobb County Superior Courthouse in Marietta, GA. The Lawyer Referral Service of the Cobb County Bar Association is opened on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Being Referred to a Lawyer in Cobb County, FL

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service for the Cobb County Bar Association a trained staff person will help you determine the type of attorney needed. When appropriate, the service will refer you to a qualified attorney in exchange for a non-refundable $35 consultation fees.

The fee is paid up front to the Lawyer Referral Service. It can be paid over the phone with a debit card or a credit card. The service accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also mail the lawyer referral service a money order to cover the consultation fee or pay cash at the office.

After you receive the referral, you can contact the attorney for thirty (30) minute consultation over the phone or in the office.

During the 30 minute consultation, you can discuss your legal issues with the attorney and the fees needed to provide additional services. Neither you nor the attorney is obligated to continue the relationship beyond the initial consultation.

Practice Areas for the Lawyer Referral Service in Cobb County, Georgia

Participating attorneys service on panels based on their interests and experience in a given practice area. Those different practice areas of the law include:

  • Adoption;
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation;
  • Appeals/Criminal and Civil;
  • Auto Consumer;
  • Bankruptcy and Debtor Relief;
  • Business Litigation;
  • Civil (General);
  • Civil Rights;
  • Collections;
  • Consumer;
  • Contracts;
  • Criminal Law/DUI/Traffic/Juvenile;
  • Construction Law;
  • Divorce/Family Law/Child Custody;
  • Education Law;
  • Elder Law;
  • Employment/Employment Discrimination/Unemployment Appeals;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Franchise;
  • Home Owners Assoc./Condo Associations;
  • Immigration Law;
  • Insurance Law;
  • Landlord/Tenant;
  • Medical Malpractice;
  • Military Law;
  • Personal Injury/Auto Accidents/Wrongful Death;
  • Probate;
  • Probate Dispute;
  • Product Liability;
  • Real Estate Dispute
  • Real Estate/Foreclosure/Zoning;
  • Social Security
  • Disability;
  • Trademark/Patents/Intellectual Property;
  • Tax Law;
  • Veteran's Law;
  • Wills/Estate/Probate; and
  • Worker's Compensation.

Finding an Attorney in Cobb County, GA

At Lawyer Legion we understand the importance of non-profit lawyer referral services in Georgia. If you need to find an attorney in Cobb County or in Marietta, GA, then consider the benefits of using a Lawyer Referral Service sponsored by the Cobb County Bar Association.

The LRS is conveniently located in the Cobb County Superior Courthouse. If pre-screens local attorneys for their good standing before the Georgia Bar and experience in a particular practice area of the law. The service also monitors the attorneys for any disciplinary action and to ensure that the attorney maintains malpractice insurance.