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Lawyer Referral Service in Delaware

The Delaware State Bar Association previously managed a Lawyer Referral Service in Wilmington, DE. Recently, the management of that public service was given to the Legal HelpLink System run by Delaware Volunteer Legal Services. The referral service is designed for individuals who need an attorney in Delaware and can afford to pay reasonable attorney fees. Pro bono services are not provided through the Lawyer Referral Service.

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service in Delaware you will be referred to an attorney close to you who is experienced in the needed practice area of the law. The attorneys who participate in the service have agreed to provide a half hour consultation in exchange for a $35 fee.

During the initial consultation, you can discuss your case with the attorney and the attorney fees needed for additional representation. The service helps people find an attorney in New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County, DE.

Contact Information:

Lawyer Referral Service in Delaware
Phone: 302-478-8850

For the DCBA Lawyer Referral Service, call 610-566-6625, extension 221

Finding an Attorney in Delaware

In addition to the Lawyer Referral Service managed by the Delaware Volunteer Legal Services' Legal HelpLink System, the Delaware County Bar Association (DCBA) also manages a Lawyer Referral Service. These community based services help the public find an attorney thought the State of Delaware.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role that Lawyer Referral Services in Delaware play in helping the public find a local attorney experienced in the needed practice area of the law. These service provide an alternative to searching the internet or using an online attorney directory.