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Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service, Inc.

Update: It appears that the Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service is no longer in business. Try the “Find a Lawyer” feature on the website of the Colorado Bar Association at http://www.cobar.org/Find-A-Lawyer. Before you retain an attorney, you should verify the status of attorneys with the Office of Attorney Registration of the Colorado Supreme Court.

Created in 1972, the Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service, Inc., (MRLS) helped residents and local businesses find a qualified attorney throughout the Colorado Front Range including Denver County, Adams County, Arapahoe County, Boulder County, Jefferson County, Douglas County, Elbert County, Gilpin County, Larimer County, the City of Aurora, and Broomfield.

The Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service (MRLS) pre-screened attorneys to determine whether the attorney met certain eligibility requirements for experience in a particular practice area. The advantage of using a lawyer referral service includes the ability to talk with a trained staff person and receive an impartial referral.

The attorneys that participated in the service were in good standing with the State Bar of Colorado, the Colorado Bar Association, and their local bar association. The MLRS has helped more than 300,000 individuals or businesses find a qualified attorney.

The MRLS was sponsored by the following local bar associations:

  • the Denver Bar Association;
  • the Boulder County Bar Association;
  • the Aurora Bar Association;
  • the Arapahoe County Bar Association;
  • the Adams-Broomfield Bar Association;
  • the Douglas-Elbert County Bar Association;
  • the First Judicial District Bar Association (for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties); and
  • the Larimer County Bar Association. 

Types of Legal Cases for a Lawyer Referral

The Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service, Inc., provided people in Colorado with a referral to an attorney in a wide variety of practice areas including:

  • Employment Law;
  • Wrongful Termination;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Family Law;
  • Divorce and Child Custody;
  • DUI/DWI; and
  • Foreclosure.

Finding an Attorney in Colorado

People needing an attorney in the Colorado Front Range would use the services of a lawyer referral service sponsored by the local bar associations. Whether you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Denver, or a personal injury lawyers in Boulder, a lawyer referral service gives you more choices. These services pre-screen attorneys to make sure they meet certain eligibility standards and are in good standing with the Colorado State Bar and their local bar association.

At Lawyer Legion, we understanding the importance of lawyer referral services offered to help find an attorney in Colorado. The services provide an alternative to searching online for an attorney or using an online directory.

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This article was last updated on Friday, October 14, 2016.