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Lawyer Referral Service of South Bay Bar

The Lawyer Referral Service for the South Bay Bar Association helps individuals and business find a qualified attorney in Torrance, CA, and the surrounding South Bay Area of Los Angeles County. The LRS was established more than 25 years ago and is registered with the State Bar of California.

If you call the service, a staff person will handle the initial intake to determine which type of attorney might be best. The attorneys are selected on a rotating basis. You will be provided with the contact information for the attorney.

You can then schedule a 30 minute consultation that never exceeds $50.00 for a 30 minute consultation. During the consultation, you can discuss your legal problem and the attorney fees required for additional representation.

Contact Information

South Bay Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
2463 Torrance Blvd., Suite D
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: 310-325-4200 x2
FAX: 310-787-8405
e-mail: lrs@southbaybar.org
Website: https://southbaybar.org/lawyer-referral/

Finding an Attorney in Los Angeles County, CA

The attorneys that participate in the Lawyer Referral Service for the South Bar Bar Association have experience in a wide variety of practice areas including:

  • personal injury;
  • family law;
  • real property law;
  • landlord/tenant law;
  • wills and estate planning;
  • probate;
  • employment law; and
  • insurance law.

Finding an Attorney in Torrance, CA

If you are interesting in finding an attorney in Torrance, CA, or the surrounding areas served by the South Bay Bar Association in Los Angeles County then contact the Lawyer Referral Service. These services provide an alternative to finding an attorney by using an internet search or online directory.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role that Lawyer Referral Services in California play in helping the public find a qualified attorney. These services provide a time tested and effective way to find a local attorney with experience in the needed practice area.

This article was last updated on Friday, December 27, 2019.