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Lawyer Referral Service for the Monterey County

If you need an attorney in Monterey County, then consider contacting the Lawyer Referral Service managed by the Monterey County Bar Association (MCBA). The MCBA Lawyer Referral Service offices are in Seaside, CA. When you contact the MCBA, a trained staff person will talk with you about your case to determine they type of attorney needed.

If appropriate, the staff person will refer you to a particular attorney who has been pre-screened to determine that the attorney is experienced in that practice area, is a member in good standing of the California Bar, and maintains malpractice insurance.

To help pay for the service, the MCBA charges a $50.00 administrative fee for the referral. The administrative fee can be paid by credit card, money order or cashier's check. After receiving the referral, you can then contact the attorney for a free 30 minute consultation. If the person ultimately retains the attorney then the attorney will pay the service a certain percentage of the attorney fees collected.

Contact Information

Monterey County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
2620 Colonel Durham Drive
Seaside, CA 93955
Phone: 831-582-3600
FAX: 831-582-5401
e-mail: lrs@montereycountybar.org

Types of Attorney Referrals

The Monterey County Bar Association has pre-screened attorneys in a variety of practice areas including:

  • criminal defense;
  • personal injury;
  • workers' compensation;
  • bankruptcy;
  • family law;
  • insurance bad faith;
  • civil litigation and appeals;
  • collections;
  • employment law;
  • landlord tenant;
  • intellectual property law (patent, trademark, or copyright);
  • real property;
  • SSI or Social Security Disability;
  • probate;
  • estate planning;
  • wills and trusts; or
  • taxation.

Find an Attorney in Monterey County, CA

Many people that need to find an attorney in the greater metropolitan area of Salinas, California or the surrounding areas of Monterey County, CA. The Monterey County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service helps individuals and businesses find a qualified attorney. This service provides an alternative to searching for an attorney on the internet or using an online attorney directory.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the importance of Lawyer Referral Services in the State of California.