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Attorney Referral Service for Fresno County, CA

If you need an attorney in Fresno County, California, the Fresno County Bar Association (FCBA) sponsors an Attorney Referral Service. (ARS). The ARS is certified by the State Bar of California. The service helps an individual or business find a qualified attorney in Fresno County, CA. 

When the person calls the service, a professional ARS phone counselor on staff with the FCBA will take the call. During that initial consultation, the phone counselor will talk with the person to determine the area of legal need. The phone counselor will then select the attorney from a list under a strict rotation schedule. A small administrative fee is charged to the client for the referral.

The person then calls the attorney to set up a free 30 minute consultation with the attorney to discuss the case at no additional charge.

Contact Information

Fresno County Bar Association Attorney Referral Service
1221 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 300
Fresno, CA 93721-1720
Phone: 559-264-0137
Fax: 559-264-8726

Finding an Attorney in Fresno County, CA

If you want to find a local attorney in Fresno County, CA, then consider the benefits of using an Attorney Referral Service sponsored by the Fresno County Bar Association. These services provide an alternative to searching the internet for an attorney or using an online attorney directory.

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize the importance of Attorney Referral Services in California.