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Vermont Law School

About Vermont Law School


  • Established: 1972
  • Parent School: Vermont Law School
  • Dean: Thomas McHenry
  • Location: Royalton, Vermont

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Alumni Directory

This alumni directory of 278 lawyers who graduated from Vermont Law School is powered by Lawyer Legion. Use the filters to narrow your search for attorneys by graduation year, practice areas or location. Results are limited to 250 per query. The lawyers in this directory all attended or received their Juris Doctor degree from Vermont Law School and are currently practicing law in the United States. The attorneys in this directory are also included in the Lawyer Legion network and provide legal services to consumers in and around their local area. These include lawyers in Vermont and across the U.S. Browse the alumni directory to find and connect with lawyers who attended Vermont Law School.

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Alumni Active on Lawyer Legion

James R. A. Martin (1987)
James R. A. Martin, Esquire
S. Burlington, VT
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Charles Buist Jr (2016)
Spetsas Buist PLLC
Orlando, FL
View Profile
Daniel McCabe (2009)
Adler & McCabe, PLC
Saint Johnsbury, VT
View Profile
Edward Montoya (1992)
Montoya Law Firm, P.A.
Miami, FL
View Profile
Derk Allan Wadas (1997)
Andor, Goheen, O'Toole, Wadas, & Gonzalez, P.L.L.C.
Allen, TX
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Thomas J Petrelli Jr (2003)
Petrelli Previtera, LLC
Voorhees Township, NJ
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Admissions Statistics

Completed Applications8681,001733
Total Offers529659473
Acceptance Rate60.94%65.83%64.53%
LSAT Score Median154154152
LSAT Score Low149150148
LSAT Score High158159157
Undergraduate GPA Median3.363.403.19
Undergraduate GPA Low3.093.082.96
Undergraduate GPA High3.693.653.49
Total Graduates151161135

Bar Exam Statistics

Total First Time Takers14014497
Total Passed758564
School's Bar Passage Rate53.57%59.03%65.98%
ABA Approved Law Schools Average Bar Passage Rate69.09%71.93%77.83%
School Passage Rate vs. Average Passage Rate-15.52-12.90-11.85

Tuition and Expenses

Tuition Full Time Resident$49$49$24
Tuition Full Time Non-resident$49$49$24
Tuition Part Time Resident---
Tuition Part Time Non-resident---
On Campus Living Expenses$19$19$26
Off Campus Living Expenses$19$19$26

Grants and Scholarships

Total Students Reciving Grants424431451
Total Percentage Receiving Grants99%96%97%
Average Grant Amount - Median$28.00--
Average Grant Amount - Low$17.00--
Average Grant Amount - High$36.00--

Students and Faculty

Student-to-Faculty Ratio2.63.33.6
Total Students429450464
Total Students Male143167182
Total Students Female282259256
Total Faculty166138129
Total Faculty Male736362
Total Faculty Female927567
Total Faculty Minorities20125

National Comparison Rankings

The national comparison rankings below compare Vermont Law School to other ABA-approved law schools in the United States. The rankings were determined by comparing the statistics reported by each school. You can view the raw data for these law school rankings here.

2021 National Rankings - Vermont Law School

#51 in Median Undergraduate GPA - 3.40
Vermont Law School is tied for #51 regarding the highest median undergraduate GPA (3.40) among those applicants granted admission who enrolled as full-time students.

#186 in Acceptance Rate - 65.83%
Vermont Law School ranks #186 regarding student selectivity with an acceptance rate of 65.83% among those who applied for admission.

#22 in Student-to-Faculty Ratio - 3.3
Vermont Law School ranks #22 regarding the lowest student-to-faculty ratio with a 3.3 faculty ratio

#20 in Median LSAT - 154
Vermont Law School is tied for #20 regarding the median LSAT score, with a score of 154 among those applicants granted admission who enrolled as full-time students.

#174 in Bar Passage Rate - 59.03%
Vermont Law School ranks #174 regarding the highest bar passage rate among first-time test takers.

#23 in Highest Tuition - $49
Vermont Law School is tied for #23 regarding the highest tuition among full-time resident (in-state) students.

#164 in Presence of Minority Faculty - 8.7%
Vermont Law School ranks #164 regarding the highest percentage of racial or ethnic minority faculty (8.7%).

#10 in Presence of Female Faculty - 54%
Vermont Law School ranks #10 regarding the highest percentage of faculty who are female (54%).


Vermont Law School
164 Chelsea St
Royalton, VT 05068
Fax: 802-831-1174
Phone: 802-831-1239

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