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LLM Program Overview
Learn more about the LLM program and other graduate-level opportunities at the College of Law.

Juvenile Life Sentences and Constitutional Limitations
In this presentation, Professor Margareth Etienne explores recent U.S. and Illinois Supreme Court cases on sentencing juveniles to life (or defacto) life sentences.

A Discussion of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s "Leadership in Turbulent Times"
This presentation features a discussion of Doris Kearns’ Goodwin’s "Leadership In Turbulent Times," a seminal work that analyzes the leadership traits of four U.S. Presidents, including three who had legal training. The presentation discusses lea...

A Strong Finish: Mental Health ResiliencyDuring COVID-19 and Beyond
This one-hour presentation covers general information on mental health resiliency during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The presentation includes information focused on understanding the resilience process, the keys to being resilient, and how legal ...

College of Law Launches Racial Justice Practicum
The death of George Floyd has reignited a nationwide discussion over the topic of racial injustice, and in that process, illuminated the central role of the legal profession in tackling this critical issue. To that end, the University of Illinois Col...

"Lions, Spiders, and Bears: Better Environmental Regulation Through Psychology"
Professors Arden Rowell and Kenworthey Bilz discuss their new book, "The Psychology of Environmental Law," in which they argue that psychology can offer environmental law a rich, empirically informed account of why, when, and how people act in ways t...

The End of Policing: Why Police Reform Won't Make Us Safer, and What Will
The Program in Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Illinois College of Law co-hosted a lecture on 4/20/21 by Alex Vitale on the failures of police reform and the alternatives that can make us safer.

Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture - James F. Blumstein of Vanderbilt Law
Professor James F. Blumstein presented "Ways of Thinking About Medical Care: Alternative Models and Structures and Their Policy Significance" for the 2021 Ann F. Baum Memorial Elder Law Lecture.

What Happens if State Election Results Are Contested After November 3?
Challenges to ballots and ballot-counting could push the outcome of the 2020 election beyond Election Day. A panel of election experts discuss ways in which election results from states and localities might be challenged, what will happen if they are...

Senate Confirmation Hearings and the Instructional Necessity of Case-Specific Questioning
Dean and Professor Vikram Amar address the arguments made by Supreme Court nominees and others that Court nominees are constrained, in their Senate hearings on possible confirmation, from expressing their specific views on legal issues and cases of t...

Police Reform - A Discussion Series: "Defunding the Police, Redefining Public Safety"
This year-long series features prominent experts discussing ways to reform police practices so as to better protect individual rights while also ensuring the safety of communities. Professor Jocelyn Simonson (Brooklyn Law School) presents her talk on...

Constitution Day 2020: The Presidency
Renowned presidential scholar Saikrishna Prakash speaks about the origins of the presidency, changes in the President’s roles over time, the benefits to and risks of strong executive authority, and possible responses to presidential overreaching or...

COVID-19 Practicum Student Clip: Paige Rhodes
Illinois Law student Paige Rhodes talks about what she enjoyed most about spending her summer working at Illinois Legal Aid Online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Practicum Student Experiences
Three Illinois Law students who spent their summer working at Illinois Legal Aid Online as part of our COVID-19 Practicum discuss their experiences.

Congratulations Class of 2020
The College of Law community wishes all the best to our 2020 graduates!

Virtual CLE Recording: The U.S. Supreme Court's 2019 Term
A panel of faculty experts from the University of Illinois College of Law will discuss some of the cases the Court has decided or will decide this term and preview other issues that might soon reach the Court arising from governmental responses to th...

The Best of American Case Law - A Summer Course
Faculty, staff, and students at the College of Law provide an overview of what to expect when you enroll in our summer course, The Best of American Case Law.

"The Forging of the First Amendment" - Laura Weinrib of Harvard Law
Laura Weinrib presented the David C. Baum Memorial Lecture on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights on January 29, 2020.