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Tips on Finding the Right Attorney

Thank you for visiting Lawyer Legion. Our goal is to help the public find the right attorney for their particular type of case. If you are getting serious about getting your legal issue received, then use these tips to help in your search.

Use the online attorney directory at Lawyer Legion to search for an attorney by practice area in location. You can search by city or county or within a certain distance from your zip code. Review each of the profiles to find out more about the attorney.

Read the attorney's biography and visit the links to their website or social media profiles. Pay attention to the pie chart showing their main practice areas to find an attorney focused on your particular type of case.

Focus on Factors that Matter Most

Our directory ranks attorneys based on several important criteria including their membership or leadership in specialty bar associations important for a particular practice area. Being a board certified specialist for a particular practice area of the law also factors in heavily within our ranking system. When looking for a qualified attorney, find out what specialty legal associations and certification programs exist in your area.

An attorney's dedication to a specialty legal association or certification program also helps validate the attorneys claim to focus on a particular practice area of the law.

Look for an Attorney by Specialty

One of the best ways to begin your search for an attorney is to look for attorneys who have earned certification as a specialist in a given practice area of the law. Use Lawyer Legion to find virtually every board certified lawyer in the country. Our online attorney directory includes attorneys in both national and state certification programs.

Use our directory to find attorneys recognized as a board certified attorneys for their specialized training and dedication to specific areas of the law.

Ask People You Know for a Referral

One of the best ways to find a qualified attorney for your case is to ask people that you know for a referral. If you already have an attorney but need one with specialized expertise, then ask the attorney you know for a referral. Attorneys often have an easier time finding the attorneys with the best reputation in the legal community for a particular type of case.

If you don't already known an attorney you can ask your friends or family. You might also ask your employer or co-workers. Also think about business professionals that you know who might know of a good attorney for your type of case. For instance, your insurance agent, real estate agent, financial advisor, accountant, or banker might know of a good attorney for your type of case.

Lawyer Referral Services

If you do not have any friends, family or professional acquaintances that can make a referral, consider using a Lawyer Referral Service in your community. Many local bar associations have lawyer referral services that help them make a referral to you in exchange for a small fee that covers the initial consultation.

In addition to relying on the resources you find online, you might also try a lawyer referral service run by your local bar association at the state, county or city level.

Researching the Attorneys on Your Short List

After you have narrowed your search down to several attorneys that might be best for your case, do additional research on each attorney online. Visit the attorney's website to read their biography and social media profiles. Often you can learn a lot about the attorneys interests and personal style from these sources. Make sure the attorney actually offers the services you need.

Also, check the attorney directory for your State Bar to see if any disciplinary actions have been placed against the attorney.

Schedule an Office Consultation

After you have researched each attorney on your short list, call each of them to schedule an office consultation. For some types of cases such as personal injury or personal injury, the initial consultation is usually free. Other types of attorneys such as family law or divorce attorneys charge an hourly rate for the initial consultation.

Make the most of your initial consultation by bringing with you any important documents related to your case. Bring a list of questions to ask each attorney such as:

  1. What experience do you have handling my type of case?
  2. Will you be handling my case by yourself or will other attorneys, paralegals or staff people be helping you?
  3. If others will be involved in my case, what role will each of them play?
  4. What kinds of outcomes have you seen in my type of case?
  5. What is my best and worse case scenario?
  6. What steps would you recommend that i take right now to protect my rights? How much will the attorney fees or cost be in my case?
  7. What could make those fees or cost go higher?
  8. What can I do to help you prepare my case for the best possible resolution?

Considerations when Choosing the Attorney

After meeting with several attorneys, it is time to make a final decision about which one to choose. Ideally, you will have a fee agreement that spells out the terms of the representation and the attorney fees required. The fee agreement should also disclose how costs in the case will be paid.

When deciding which attorney to hire consider whether the attorney and his or her staff appeared to be organized and willing to spend an adequate amount of time with you. You should evaluate whether the attorney was being straight forward and honest with you or whether the attorney seemed to just be telling you what you wanted to hear. Did the attorney explain the attorney fees required in a straight forward way and then put those terms in a written contract?

You should also consider the attorneys experience with that specific legal issue. If the attorney claimed to be focused on that practice area, does the attorney belong to any legal organizations devoted to that area of the law or has the attorney earned recognition as a board certified specialist by a state or national program. Is the attorney respected in the legal community and active in associations that help enhance his or her practice?

Additional Resources on Finding an Attorney

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Tips to Finding an Attorney - Visit the website for the State Bar of California to find tips on finding an attorney. Find information on attorney records, recommendations, certified lawyer referral services, lists of certified legal specialists, free legal aid agencies, dispute resolution programs, prepaid legal services plans, and advertisements. Find a list of questions to ask the attorney during the initial consultation.</>

When you need to lawyer up - Don't end up with Cousin Vinny when you want Perry Mason - Visit the website for ConsumerReports.org to find tips on hiring the right attorney. Find suggestions such ask asking a lawyer you already know, getting a verdict from someone you know and trust, or consulting a local bar association. The article also discusses the importance of seeking advice or getting a referral from a legal specialty group such as the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, National Association of Consumer Advocates, or the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Finding the Best Attorney for Your Case

At Lawyer Legion we understand how difficult it is to find the right attorney for your case. Although many attorneys advertise their services, however, it is important to realize the that best attorneys may not advertise their services at all because they obtain clients through word of mouth and referrals from other people in the community.

Using a variety of different sources including specialty certification programs, specialty legal associations, and lawyer referral services might help you find the best attorney. We created our online attorney directory to make that task easier. Using these tips might help you make a better decision and find an excellent attorney to help you resolve your legal issue.

This article was last updated on Friday, February 24, 2017.