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Membership Management Software

We help legal organizations create a modern and custom membership directory on the organization's website. The organization maintains full control of the membership directory.

The membership directory allows members to go online to add or update information on their personal profile page. Members simply log into the directory to add or update their contact information, picture, website links, biography, social media profiles, or blog RSS feed.

In certain cases, we can provide this membership management software to the organization at no cost to the organization or its members. Contact us today to find out how we help your legal organization utilize an effective membership directory.

Benefits to Your Members

An online membership directory provides your members with important benefits. First, by claiming and adding information directly to their profile, members can quickly update their information online. By allowing members to update their information directly, it eliminates a burdensome administrative task for the organization.

Secondly, members may benefit from referrals generated because of the directory. For most legal organizations, the membership directory is public and operates a "Find a Lawyer" search feature.

A good membership directory on your organization's website will help the public find a qualified attorney from your pool of members. The membership directory also encourages your members to refer cases to other members.

Third, the membership directory can be optimized to show up in the search engines and generate traffic to the organization's website. Most organizations have fallen behind in the competitive world of online marketing. With a modern membership directory, the organization can take back its rightful place as an important online resource.

Benefits to the Organization

Many of your members are already paying thousands of dollars a year to belong in commercialized online attorney directories. By creating a "Find a Lawyer" feature on the organization's website, the organization can create its own ranking system. This ranking system can recognize members that contribute more to the organization.

Many organizations already have special recognition for "Life Members" or other designation. Why not encourage members to upgrade their membership by incorporating that special recognition into your membership directory?

Whether you need a complete website design for the legal association or just a modern membership directory, Lawyer Legion has a solution. With our membership management software, the organization can quickly upgrade the "Find a Lawyer" directory on its website.

The organization will benefit from an increase in membership and revenue. Members will enjoy this benefit that promotes their special attributes and rewards them for contributing more to the organization.


Click here to see a membership directory we designed for the NORML National Legal Committee (NLC).


If your voluntary bar association needs new a better membership management system, then contact Lawyer Legion.

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