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Content Management Systems for Legal Associations

The ability to frequently and easily update your website is one of the most important factors for satisfying members and other online visitors. Promoting membership, CLE, events, sponsorship, and other association activities can have a tremendous impact on fundraising and the overall success of these initiatives. Being able to utilize your website effectively to reach these ends is far more affective than relying on social media alone.

A content management system (CMS) will allow you to add pages to your website, edit existing pages, and utilize important widgets and applications without having any knowledge of HTML code or other web technology. It’s as simple as visiting your site in a common web browser, logging in, pasting the text, and saving the page. If you can use email, you can update your website quickly and easily with a good CMS.

At Lawyer Legion, we help legal associations with development, hosting, and training on how to utilize the CMS and gain the most from the online experience. The problem that many associations face is the inability or lack of resources to update the website. With a good CMS, this process is quick and easy.

Open Source Content Management Systems

Before you decide on a platform for the website, you should understand the difference between an open source CMS and a proprietary CMS. An open source system is developed and maintained in a collaborative manner. The source code is made available for the public to study, share, improve and distribute at no cost.

The advantages to an open source CMS website include:

  • No proprietary licensing fees
  • Fully customizable
  • Updates and improvements are more efficient
  • Transferable to other vendors
  • High quality, stable, and secure software
  • Large communities to help solve problems

At Lawyer Legion, we only develop websites with an open source CMS platform. Some of these platforms include:

  • Wordpress

Proprietary CMS websites cannot be transferred to other vendors because the software cannot be distributed beyond the company that developed it. In addition, proprietary CMS platforms are closed off to larger communities and cannot be modified or improved by anyone other than the owner of the software.

If your association needs an effective website that is easy to update and maintain, contact us for more information.

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