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2015 Certified Specialists in North Carolina

The Board of Legal Specialization recently announced that North Carolina now has more than 1,000 board certified specialists. The attorneys listed below were certified as a specialist on November 23, 2015. 

Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation

Viral Mehta, Charlotte
Susan Vanderweert, Durham
Megan Callahan, Greensboro
Laura Carter, Raleigh

Certified Specialist in Trademark Law

Christopher Thomas, Raleigh
William Cannon, Raleigh

Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law 

Charlotte Hall, Raleigh
Kimberly Bishop, Raleigh

Certified Specialist in Real Property Law

Steven Black, Greensboro; Residential
Deleon Parker Jr., Rocky Mount; Residential

Certified Specialist in Family Law 

Andrea Bosquez-Porter, Raleigh
Andrew Rheingrover, Charlotte
Ashley Bennington, Greensboro
Thomas Keith Black, Greensboro
Carole Albright, Greensboro
Richard Johnson, Huntersville
Sarah Lycans, Jacksonville
Lauren Arnette, New Bern
Mark Springfield, Raleigh
Ryan Tarrant, Raleigh
Emily Tyler, Raleigh
Steven Mansbery, Raleigh
Kerry Burleigh, Raleigh
Meredith Cross, Raleigh
Evonne Hopkins, Raleigh
Bruce Scott, Winston-Salem
Carrie Vickery, Winston-Salem
Anna Warburton, Winston-Salem
James Huntington Wofford, Charlotte

Certified Specialist in Estate Planning

Mark Hale Jr., Goldsboro
James Hickmon, Charlotte
Chad McCullen, Raleigh
Christian Perrin, Charlotte
Nancy Lucille Siler, Charlotte
Kimberly Whitley, Hickory

Certified Specialist in Criminal Law (including Juvenile Delinquency)

Thomas Amburgey, Asheville; State Criminal Law
Matthew Holloway, Asheville; State Criminal Law
Kellie Mannette, Chapel Hill; State Criminal Law and Juvenile Delinquency
Jeremy Smith, Charlotte; State Criminal Law
Matthew Geoffrion, Greenville; State Criminal Law
Todd Smith, Graham; Federal Criminal Law (previously certified in State Criminal Law)
Ann Kirby, Greenville; State Criminal Law
Robert McAfee, New Bern; Federal and State Criminal Law
Kelly Dawkins, Wadesboro; State Criminal Law
Helen Parsonage, Winston-Salem; Federal and State Criminal Law
Deonte’ Thomas, Raleigh; State Criminal Law
Geoffrey Ryan Willis, Raleigh; Federal and State Criminal Law
Deborah Sandlin, Raleigh
Andrew Erteschik, Raleigh

Congratulations to all of the attorneys in North Carolina who have earned this important designation. The results for attorneys earning the designation as a certified specialist in bankruptcy will be available in early 2016. 

This article was last updated on Friday, November 22, 2019.