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Utah Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

Before you redesign your law firm's website or start a new internet marketing campaign, it's vital that you pay attention to the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct related to internet marketing for lawyers in Utah. The rules are to ensure that all attorneys promote their practice in a fair and genuine manner. Attorneys that don't abide by these rules may face a type of disciplinary action or sanction, such as expensive fees.

Although the rules in the State of Utah are restrictive, an attorney can stay in full compliance while still having an extremely effective internet marketing campaign. Taking an ethical approach to marketing means following the letter and spirit of each rule.

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Resources for Utah Bar Rules

Ethics Advisory Opinions on Advertising by Utah Attorneys- Visit the Utah State bar website to read Ethics Advisory Opinions related to advertising and online communications by attorneys.

Practice Pointer: Things to Consider in Drafting a Yellow Pages Ad- Read the Utah Bar Journal and find an article by rticle by Kate A. Toomey with examples of misleading and non-misleading ads taken from reported cases in other jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Office of Professional Conduct - The Office of Professional Conduct investigates any complaints that claim an attorney is violating the Rules of Professional Conduct. Learn the disciplinary process by the Bar, how an attorney can send a complaint form, and the Utah Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.