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Oregon Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

For attorneys in Oregon who market their practice online, it is important to understand the bar rules that apply to attorney advertising. Those rules are found in the Ohio Rules for Professional Conduct in Chapter 7 dealing with the way an attorney should communicate information about their practice to the public. The bar rules for attorney advertising can be found at Rule 7.1 through Rule 7.5, which are published on the Oregon State Bar website. Additionally, the applicable bar rules in Oregon for attorney advertising track closely with the Model Rules from the American Bar Association. 

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Resources for Oregon Bar Rules

Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct - Read the rules as amended effective January 1, 2014 with comparison to the model rules by the American Bar Associations and defined terms. Read the rules related to website design and internet marketing include Rule 7.1 related to communications concerning a lawyer's services, Rule 7.2 for advertising, Rule 7.3 for solicitation of clients, and Rule 7.5 for firm names and letterheads.

Find an Ethics Opinion in Oregon - Visit the website for the Oregon State Bar to browse the ethics opinions by keywords or phrases. The Board of Governors approved the issuance of Formal Ethics Opinions 2005-1 through 2005-175 in September of 2005 to replace the previous Formal Ethics Opinions issued between 1991 and 2004.

This article was last updated on October 11, 2018.