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Nebraska Bar Rules for Lawyer Advertising

If you are a Nebraska lawyer interested in redesigning your law firm's website or starting a new internet marketing campaign then you must thoroughly understand the Nebraska Bar Rules.  Many of the bar rules related to attorney advertising in Nebraska can be found at §§ 3-507.1 to 3-507.5 in the section for "Information About Legal Services." Additional information can be found in the comments and the Ethics Advisory Opinions interpreting the rules.

§§ 3-507.1 to 3-507.5: Information About Legal Services (cited as Neb. Ct. R. of Prof. Cond. §) include:

  • § 3-507.1. Communications concerning a lawyer's services
  • § 3-507.2. Advertising
  • § 3-507.3. Direct contact with prospective clients
  • § 3-507.4. Communication of fields of practice
  • § 3-507.5. Firm names and letterheads

The Nebraska Bar rules outline prohibited actions for attorneys who are advertising online. Breaking any of these regulations can mean possible disciplinary actions.

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Nebraska Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising 

Article 5: Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct- Read the rules adopted on July 8, 2005. The rules became effective on September 1, 2005. The rules were renumbered and codified as §§ 3-501.0 to 3-508.5, effective July 18, 2008. §§ 3-507.1 to 3-507.5 contains the rules for communicating information about legal services.

Lawyer's Advisory Committee Opinions in Nebraska- Visit the Judicial Branch section of the Official Nebraska Government Website. The Nebraska Judicial Branch has published advisory committee opinions dealing with a wide range of attorney discipline and ethics issues. The members of the Lawyers' Advisory Committee are attorneys appointed by the Nebraska Supreme Court. The website allows the viewer to search opinions from 1968 until present. Note that the Lawyer's Rules of Professional Conduct were revised effective September 1, 2005 so opinions before the revision have not necessarily been revised to fit the current Rules.

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