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Louisiana Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

Websites designed for attorneys and law firms in Louisiana are generally considered to be a form of advertising. These websites must follow the state bar's rules and regulations. Before launching the website, the attorney should be sure that the website is in full compliance with all applicable bar rules. Any failure to do so can result in disciplinary action against the attorney.

For this reason, it is important to hire an internet marketing company that understands the applicable bar rules in Louisiana for your law firm's website.

If you are preparing to launch a new website or start a new internet marketing strategy for your law firm, the first step is reading all of the bar rules that might apply. The Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct related to attorney advertising were created to ensure that all attorneys that advertise online do so in a fair and honest manner.

Many of the rules related to attorney advertising online in Louisiana can be found at Rule 7.1 through Rule 7.6 in the section for Information About Legal Services. These bar rules govern the promotion of the law-related services and deal with advertising and solicitation. Additional information can be found in the comments to the rules and formal ethics opinions.

Special bar rules apply to attorneys using a lawyer referral service in Louisiana. In many respects, the rules track closely with the Model Rules from the American Bar Association. Attorneys in Louisiana who are board certified specialist must also follow special rules when disclosing that fact.

Before you redesign your law firm's website or start a new internet marketing campaign, it's important that you have a thorough understanding of applicable bar rules.

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Louisiana Bar Rules Resources

Handbook on Attorney Internet Advertising - Find the guidelines written by the RPCC and Ethics Counsel from October/November 2008 to help attorneys and others develop websites and internet marketing strategy that comply with the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct. The Handbook includes an overview of particular rules organized by the type of advertisement or electronic communication to which the rule applies, frequently asked questions and answers about attorney advertising regulations, a checklist for advertisers, and examples of compliant and non-compliant ads.

Louisiana State Bar Lawyer Advertising Rules - The rules became effective on October 1, 2009, as amended through June 22, 2011. Find information on mandatory filing requirements for advertisements and unsolicited written communications with the Louisiana State Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct Committee through LSBA Ethics Counsel. Read more about how to file advertisements under Rule 7.7 and how to determine the applicable regular and late filing fees.

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