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Hawaii Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

Navigating the bar rules in Hawaii for attorney advertising can be a confusing process. If you make a mistake, you might expose yourself to disciplinary actions. For this reason, it is important to hire an internet marketing company that understands the applicable bar rules in Hawaii for your website and social media platforms.

If you are preparing to launch a new website or start a new internet marketing strategy, the first step is reading all of the bar rules that might apply. The Rules of Professional Conduct related to attorney advertising were created to ensure that all Hawaii attorneys who advertise online do so in a fair and honest manner.

In many respects, the rules track closely with the Model Rules from the American Bar Association. Before you redesign your law firm's website or start a new internet marketing campaign, it's important that you have a thorough understanding of applicable bar rules.

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Resources for Hawaii Bar Rules

HAWAI'I RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT (SCRU-11-0001047) - Read the rules adopted and promulgated by the Supreme Court of the State of Hawai'i on June 25, 2013. The amendments made more than 30 substantive changes. The rules related to website design and internet advertising can be found in Rule 7.1 for Communications concerning a lawyer's services, Rule 7.2 for advertising, Rule 7.3 for direct contact with prospective clients, Rule 7.4 for communication of fields of practice and certification and Rule 7.5 for firm names and letterheads. The amended rules became effective on January 1, 2014. According to Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.4(c), certain communications should contain a disclaimer that "There is no procedure for review or approval of specialist certification organizations in Hawaii."

Hawaii Attorney Discipline News - Visit the website for the Disciplinary Board for the Hawai'i Supreme Court and The Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The website contains links to recent disciplinary orders for immediate restraint, allowing resignation in lieu of discipline, orders of disbarment and orders of suspension. The new offices are located at:

201 Merchant Street
Suite 1600
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Frequently Asked Questions for Attorneys in Hawaii - Visit the website for the Hawaii State Bar Association for the answers to frequently asked questions about advertising options.

This article was last updated on Friday, May 31, 2019.