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Georgia Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

Navigating the bar rules in Georiga for attorney advertising can be a confusing process. If you make a mistake, you might expose yourself to disciplinary actions. 

For this reason, it is important to hire an internet marketing company that understands the applicable bar rules in Georgia.

If you are preparing to launch a new website or start a new internet marketing strategy, the first step is reading all of the bar rules that might apply. 

The Rules of Professional Conduct related to attorney advertising were created to ensure that all attorneys that advertise online do so in a fair and honest manner. In many respects, the rules track closely with the Model Rules from the American Bar Association. 

Before redesigning your law firm's website or starting a new internet marketing campaign, it's important for Georgia lawyers to have a thorough understanding of applicable bar rules.

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Resources on Rules for Advertising in Georgia

Georgia Ethics and Professionalism - Find more information about the Georgia Bar's rules and disciplinary actions for ethics in Georgia. Gain access to the ethics hotline, dsiclipinary proceedings for those who violate the rules, and the internal rules for the Review Panel. The Georgia Bar Association is located at:

State Bar of Georgia
104 Marietta St. NW, Ste. 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: (404) 527-8700

Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct- This link is to the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct provides the rules and regulations that attorney must abide by in website advertisement and marketing.

Georgia Supreme Court - Visit the Georgia Supreme Court website to find access to court rules and regulations, opinions on various legal topics, and information pertaining to the legal system in Georgia. The Supreme Court is located at:

Supreme Court of Georgia
40 Capitol Sq. SW, Ste. 507
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Phone: (404) 656-3470

Georgia Bar Rules Information Center

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Georgia Guidelines on Bar Rules

The State Bar of Georgia does not have advertising rules that specifically apply to the internet or an attorney's website. Nevertheless, an attorney should understand this type of advertising and marketing is generally governed by the communications and advertising rules in the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.

Rule 7.1 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct address communications that concern a law firm's or lawyer's services, including through the use of advertising and marketing. 

Under Rule 7.2 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, an attorney may advertise their services through any means, including through the use of written or electronic communication, such as attorney websites.

According to the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, at least one attorney's name must be included on the advertisement or communication who is ultimately responsible for the content.

Additionally, under Rule 7.2 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, the attorney or law firm must keep a copy of the website or the website's files for two years after it was last published, in addition to when and where it was used.

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Prohibited Statements on Georgia Attorney Websites

As defined in Rule 7.1 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, attorneys are prohibited from using false, deceptive, fraudulent or misleading information in any communication, including websites. 

A communications can be considered false or misleading if:

  • The communication contains a material misrepresentation of fact or law;
  • The communication omits a fact that would not make a statement materially misleading when taken as a whole;
  • The communication is likely to give a viewer unjustified expectations about the results an attorney can achieve;
  • The communication compares the lawyer's services with that of another, unless they can be verified;
  • The communication contains information about contingent fees without a disclaimer; or
  • The communication contains a statement about no fees unless the client wins, unless there is a disclaimer.

Additionally, under Rule 7.4, an attorney may not state they are a "specialist" in a particular field of law or "certified" in any communication unless they are certified as a specialist through successful completion of a program for specialization, and as long as the statement is not false or misleading. 

An attorney may state, however, that they do or do not practice in a particular field of law on the communication.

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Past Case Results on Georgia Attorney Websites

The comments to Rule 7.1 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct also discuss statements about past case results.

The comments state that anything that could create an unjustified expectation to the view, such as results obtained for a client, past case results, record in obtaining favorable verdicts and damage awards could be misleading or deceptive unless there is a reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances.

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Disclaimers for Attorney Websites in Georgia

In general, every Georgia attorney or law firm should have a disclaimer or disclosure on their website that is presented with equal prominence and legibility as the remainder of the content on the website so potential clients and viewers are not misled as to the results the attorney can achieve.

Additionally, under Rule 7.1, an attorney or law firm's website in Georgia must include a disclaimer if the website contains:

  • Any information about contingent fees, or
  • The phrase, "no fee unless you win or collect," or a phrase that is substantially similar.

This article was last updated on Monday, June 10, 2019.