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Texas Bar College

Founded on December 14, 1981, the Texas Bar College is an honorary society of attorneys and paralegals who are among the best trained in Texas. Members are interested in improving training and promoting high ethical standards for all Texas attorneys and paralegals.

The Texas Bar College recognizes Texas attorneys and paralegals who attend at least double the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) required by the State Bar of Texas.

The initial membership requirements include either 45 hours of CLE in the prior or current calendar year; or 80 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) over a period of three or fewer calendar years. The Texas Bar College also issued the following awards:

  • the Jim Bowmer Professionalism Award;
  • the Franklin Jones CLE Article Award; and
  • the Steve Condos CLE Award for the most hours.

The mission of the Texas Bar College is to recognize outstanding service to the legal profession; to promote among members of the State Bar and the general public the educational and public purposes of the College and its members; to sponsor educational activities of significant merit and applicability to the legal profession; and to recognize and encourage lawyers who enhance their professional skills and the quality of their service to the public by significant voluntary participation in legal education.

Contact Information for the Texas Bar College

Texas Bar College
1414 Colorado
Suite 600
Austin, Texas 78701

Benefits of Recognition by the Texas Bar College

The benefits of being recognized by the Texas Bar College includes:

  • a subscription to its seasonal Newsletter / Bulletin with interesting and substantive articles;
  • free access to the State Bar Online Library;
  • free access to an online searchable database housing thousands of CLE articles;
  • the Texas Bar College logo tab in the My MCLE Hours section of the attorney’s home page;
  • information sent via email about announcements and important information and benefits for College Members;

Upcoming Events of the State Bar College

State Bar College Summer
School Course
Thursday - Saturday, July 14-16, 2016
Galveston - Moody Gardens Hotel & Spa

Membership Requirements for the State Bar College

Upon satisfying the membership requirements of the Texas Bar College, membership is open to all members of the State Bar of Texas in good standing. To maintain a good standing in the State Bar of Texas, all attorneys must satisfy the educational and reporting requirements of the State Bar's Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program.

On an annual basis, the Executive Director of the Texas Bar College will provide a status report to each member of the College. Each member will then verify the reported CLE information and shall report any changes or additions to the College office.

The initial membership requirements include:

  • completing the required number of CLE hours which is either:
    • 45 hours of CLE in the prior or current calendar year; or
    • 80 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) over a period of three or fewer calendar years;
  • At least three of the CLE hours required for initial membership must be attained in the field of legal ethics or professional responsibility;

Other ways of obtaining hours include:

  • serving as a judge or evaluator in any type of mock trial, moot court or client counseling competition, class or program;
  • attending non-accredited professional activities; or
  • viewing or listening to recorded CLE presentations by accredited sponsors; or
  • reading substantive legal materials.

To join the College as an Initial Member, the attorney must submit a completed application along with the membership fee to the State Bar College after accumulating the minimum CLE credits. Attorneys who have met the Initial Membership requirements may join the College by submitting an application and paying an initial fee of $60. For all calendar years following the Initial Membership year, members shall pay an annual fee of $60.

Requirements for Maintaining Membership

Each calendar year after becoming a member, the attorney must complete a minimum of 30 CLE hours. At least hours each year must be in the area of professional responsibility/legal ethics. No attorney shall publish or permit others to publish a representation of membership in the College unless the attorney is a member in good standing under these regulations.

CLE credit hours may be in the form of either Regular, Teaching, or Legal Writing credit hours. The hours can be attained through:

  1. attendance at accredited CLE activities offered by qualified CLE sponsors;
  2. CLE activities that are accredited for MCLE credit in Texas shall automatically be accredited for State Bar College credit;
  3. CLE activities that are not accredited by the State Bar MCLE department but only upon the request of an applicant or a maintaining member, and if the College, in its sole discretion, decides to grant the credit;
  4. attendance at a law school course (with credit for the number of credit hours awarded by the law school for such a course;
  5. 5. teaching credit may be earned for teaching or lecturing at an approved CLE activity which may include preparation time, presentation time, and the time of repeated presentations; or
  6. 6. legal writing credit may be earned for research-based writing activities approved by the State Bar MCLE department.

Additional Resources

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