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Kansas Kansas Legal Organizations

For lawyers in Kansas joining state level legal associations provide a variety of benefits including networking opportunities, publications on a specialty practice areas of the law, and access to quality CLE seminars.

Kansas Bar Association

1200 SW Harrison St., Topeka, KS 66612 · 785-234-5696

The Kansas Bar Association is a voluntary organization dating back to 1882 that currently serves about 7,000 legal professionals such as paralegals, law students, attorneys, and judges. As a general organization, the Kansas Bar Association works to advance the professionalism and legal skills of lawyers and encourage public understanding of the law. As a legislative advocate, the association lobbies for important legal issues – especially with regard to the profession – and provides information to its members and legislators about pending legislation that is of interest or concern to the association itself or to the public.

Kansas Association for Justice (KsAJ)

The Kansas Association for Justice is non-profit specialty bar organization for trial lawyers in the State of Kansas. The organization was formally known as the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (KTLA). Many of the top personal injury attorneys in Kansas belong to this respected organization.

The KsAJ works to protect individual rights in the civil and criminal justice system, the right to trial by jury, independence of the judiciary, and high standards of ethics. The organization trains and educates lawyers in trial techniques and courtroom advocacy.

Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (KACDL) was founded in 1988. The KACDL is a non-profit organization that supports the criminal defense bar across the state. Currently, it has more than 400 member including many of the top criminal defense attorneys in Kansas in both private practice and the public defenders office. Membership is not open to anyone employed in the prosecution of criminal cases, on a full time basis or a part-time basis.

Other professional associations for attorneys in Kansas include: