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Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association

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The Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association (PBCHBA) is an organization of attorneys in Palm Beach County that seeks to assist the Hispanic community with legal and judicial matters. Palm Beach County is one of the most populous counties in Florida and in the United States, with a growing Hispanic population.


The Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association serves both as a professional organization for Palm Beach County lawyers. It provides attorneys with networking opportunities. It also advocates for members of the Hispanic community to have the opportunity to serve in the judiciary, and seeks to help those who are intimidated by language barriers in Small Claims Court. The organization also identifies pro bono opportunities for its members.

The Hispanic population grew by about 58 percent from 2000 to present in Palm Beach County, reflecting a growing need for services and representation, both in court rooms and on the bench. The PBCHBA also seeks to assist young lawyers joining the Bar.

Benefits of Membership in PBCHBA

The PBCHBA holds monthly lunches at the Main Courthouse for its members. The lunches may feature speakers, including Florida Supreme Court justices and other distinguished members of the Florida legal community. Lunches are free for PBCHBA members.

PBCHBA Memberships

The Palm Beach County Hispanic Bar Association has six different types of membership, with tiered prices:

  • General Membership
  • General Membership for Attorney Practicing Less than Two Years
  • Paralegal Membership
  • Nonprofit Lawyer Membership
  • Law Student Membership
  • Government Lawyer (State or Federal) Membership