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Criminal Law Section of the CLA

Effective on January 1, 2018, the former Sections of the State Bar of California, including the Criminal Law Section, were transferred into a new independent organization called the California Lawyers Association (CLA). The Criminal Law Section of the CYA furthers knowledge of its members' practice in the state and federal criminal justice system.

From its offices in San Francisco, the State Bar of California's Criminal Law Section makes comments on proposed legislation, jury instruction, and other matters related to the prosecution and defense of persons accused of crimes.

The Criminal Law Section of the California Lawyers Association is highly regarded as the premier provider of legal education and training opportunities for public defenders, prosecutors, and private criminal defense attorneys throughout the state of California.

Many of the top criminal defense and criminal justice attorneys in California belong to this trusted professional association.

Contact Information:

Criminal Law Section
California Lawyers Association
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 650
Sacramento, CA 95814
Website: https://calawyers.org/section/criminal-law/
Email: CriminalLaw@calawyers.org

Committees of the Criminal Law Section

Members are encouraged to become more active in the organization by joining a committee. The committees of the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of California include:

  • Executive Committee;
  • Conference of Delegates Committee;
  • Federal Courts Committee;
  • Internet Development Committee;
  • Legislation Committee;
  • Membership/Marketing Committee;
  • Newsletter Programs & Education Committee.

Benefits of Joining the Criminal Law Section

Benefits of joining the Criminal Law Section include:

  • networking opportunities with other criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges in a more relaxed environment;
  • subscriptions to the Criminal Law Journal and other publications;
  • leadership opportunities on the special and standing committees;
  • access to Webinars;
  • high-quality criminal law seminars with free MCLE;
  • access to articles from the Criminal Law E-Bulletin and other publications;
  • a more united voice for legislative review and reform;
  • public speaking and writing opportunities;
  • invitation to special Criminal Law Section events at the State Bar of California Annual Meeting; and
  • leadership opportunities in the Executive Committee of the Criminal Law Section.

Upcoming programs are planned The State Bar of California’s Annual Meeting. The topics discussed at these programs include:

  • motions in limine
  • Brady violations
  • the elimination of bias in jury selection
  • courtroom etiquette
  • ethics for criminal law attorneys
  • trends in juvenile delinquency
  • ethics for social media

The Criminal Law Section is also active in the legal community and sponsors a nationwide Annual Competition for Student Papers in Criminal Law and/or Criminal Procedure. The competition is focused on California law although past winners have included students attending law schools across the country.

Criminal Law Attorneys in California

For criminal defense attorneys in California in both the public and private sector, as well as prosecutors and judges, the Criminal Law Section of the State Bar of California helps these professionals have a more united voice on issues of common concern.

From the offices of the State Bar of California in San Francisco, the Criminal Law Section puts on high-quality MCLE seminars on trial advocacy and criminal law issues.

The Criminal Law Section was created to further the knowledge of our members in federal and state criminal law and procedures. It reviews and comments on proposed legislation and jury instruction and other matters relating to the prosecution and defense of persons accused of crimes.

This article was last updated on Friday, January 31, 2020.