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California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA)

The California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA)  is made up of all lawyers in California who are either 36 years of age or younger or in their first eight (8) years of practice. For those attorneys, membership in CYLA is automatic and no separate membership fee is required. 
Members are encouraged to apply for a position on a section executive committee or the California Young Lawyers Association board. The board recruits applicants from all geographic locations, practice areas, sizes of law practice, length of time practicing, volunteer work, specific accomplishments, educational background, race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability.
Current members in good standing are eligible for appointment to that Section’s Executive Committee. Each Executive Committee is typically representative of the various fields covered by the Section. 
The California Young Lawyers Association (CYLA) is now part of the newly formed California Lawyer Association (CLA) created in 2017 after it was seperated from the State Bar of California.
Contact Information

California Young Lawyers Association
400 Capitol Mall, Suite 650
Sacramento, CA 95814


CYLA Awards for Achievement

Each year, the CYLA gives The Jack Berman Individual Award of Achievement for Distinguished Service to the Profession and the Public.Established in 1992, the award recognizes the substantial achievements of a young lawyer.
The award was renamed in memory of Jack Berman who was killed in 1993 at 101 California Street in a shooting in San Francisco earlier that year. As a young lawyer, Mr. Jack Berman demonstrated outstanding service to the profession and was dedicated to issues of concern to other young lawyers.
Addtional Resources
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CYLA on Twitter - Follow @cla_cyla on Twitter to stay connected with CYLA and find more information on taking on a leadership role, networking opportunties, or attending upcoming events.