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Since 1979, the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives ("NOSSCR") has served as a specialized bar association for attorneys who represent people with disabilities. This non-profit organization headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, provides quality legal continuing education seminars and public policy advocacy.

With more than 4,000 members across the United States and Puerto Rico, NOSSCR provides resources for practitioners, including case law, memoranda of law, briefs, and questionnaires.

Visit the NOSSCR website at: www.nosscr.org

Members of National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives represent Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Insurance claimants through the adjudication process while advocating for the income rights of people with disabilities. The mission of NOSSCR is to encourage quality representation for seeking SSDI and SSI benefits. 

The National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives has created a directory of attorneys to help individuals find more information about claiming SSDI and SSI benefits. 

Contact Information for NOSSCR: 

560 Sylvan Ave, Suite 2200
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
Phone: 201.567.4228
Fax: 201.567.1542
E-mail: nosscr@nosscr.org
Website: www.nosscr.org

Committees in NOSSCR

Attorneys who are members of National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives can become more active in the organization by joining various committees including: 

  • Young Members Committee
  • Nominations and Elections Committee
  • Membership Standards Committee
  • Long Range Planning Committee
  • Exhibitor/Advertising Committee
  • Distinguished Service Committee
  • Continuing Disability Review Committee
  • Conference Evolution Committee
  • Amicus Participation Committee
  • Advocacy Committee


National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) recognizes individuals who promote improvements in the quality of advocacy for Social Security claimants through the Eileen P. Sweeney Distinguished Service Award. Previous recipients of the award include: 

  • Barry Schultz  2015 (Arlington)  
  • Jon Dubin 2014 (Indianapolis)  
  • Ray Cebula  2013 (San Diego)
  • Ed Lopez-Soto 2013 (San Diego)
  • David Camp 2013 (Washington, DC)
  • Thomas Bush 2012 (Seattle)
  • Stella Smetanka2012 (Philadelphia)
  • James Williams 2012 (Philadelphia)
  • Richard Morris2011 (Baltimore)
  • Daniel Devine 2011 (Baltimore)
  • Charles Hall 2010 (Chicago)
  • David Traver 2010 (Chicago)
  • John Heard 2009 (San Francisco)
  • Max Schott 2009 (San Francisco)
  • John R. Wester2009 (Washington, DC)
  • Charles  M. Sasser 2009 (Washington, DC)
  • Matthew Howard 2009 (Washington, DC)
  • Charles Martin 2008 (Los Angeles)
  • Donald Becker  2007 (St. Louis)
  • Barbara Samuels 2007 (St. Louis)
  • Sarah Bohr 2007 (Baltimore)
  • Linda Landry 2006 (Boston)
  • Thomas Yates 2006 (Boston)
  • Marty Ford 2005
  • Larry Johnson (on behalf of Eileen Sweeney)  2005
  • Ethel Zelenske 2005
  • Howard Thorkelson 2004
  • Robert E. Rains, Prof. of Law  2004
  • James M. Brown, Esq. (received in November)  2004
  • Lyle Lieberman  2003
  • Eric Schnaufer 2003  
  • Ralph Wilborn 2002
  • David Ettinger 2001
  • Clifford Weisberg 2000
  • No Award 1999
  • Peter Young 1998
  • Rudolph Patterson 1997  

Council of Past Presidents in NOSSCR

Each past president of National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) is a member of the Council of Past Presidents. The Council acts in an advisory role for the Board of Directors and makes recommendations.

Those recommendations include revising the bylaws, changing the name or goals of the organization and changing membership criteria. Five members of the Council serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Angela Davis-Morris, Esq. in Hattiesburg, MS
  • Timothy J. Cuddigan, Esq. in Omaha, NE
  • Cynthia Berger, Esq. in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Debra S. Shifrin, Esq. in Akron, OH
  • Charles L. Martin, Esq. in Decatur, GA
  • Raymond Kelly, Esq. in Manchester, NH
  • Lawrence Wittenberg, Esq. in Durham, NC
  • Beth A. Alpert, Esq. in Chicago, IL
  • Lawrence D. Rohlfing, Esq. in Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • Sarah H. Bohr, Esq. in Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Thomas D. Sutton, Esq. in Trevose, PA
  • Pamela I. Atkins, Esq. in Roswell, GA
  • Richard P. Morris, Esq. in New York, NY
  • John R. Heard, Esq. in San Antonio, TX
  • Bruce K. Billman, Esq. in Fredericksburg, VA
  • Thomas E. Bush, Esq. in Milwaukee, WI
  • Shelley Davidson, Esq. in Macon, GA
  • Marcia W. Margolius, Esq. in Cleveland, OH
  • Charles M. Sasser, Esq. in Charlotte, NC
  • Frederick S. Spencer, Esq. in Mountain Home, AR
  • Mike Silver, Esq. in Ardmore, PA
  • Robert A. Crowe, Esq. in St. Louis, MO
  • James M. Brown, Esq. in Beechwood, OH
  • Carl M. Weisbrod, Esq. in Dallas, TX
  • Steven B. Horenstein, Esq. in Dayton, OH
  • Charles T. Hall, Esq. in Raleigh, NC
  • Clifford L. Weisberg, Esq. in Southfield, MI

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