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Florida Chapter of the NELA

The Florida Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association (Florida NELA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protecting the rights of workers' throughout the state of Florida.

Florida NELA is a separate organization from National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA). It is associated with NELA as an affiliate state chapter. Florida NELA encourages its members to also join the national organization so that members can enjoy the benefits of both organizations.

Members of the Florida Chapter of NELA include attorneys who primarily represent employees in employment-related legal matters. Many of the attorney members practice as sole practitioners or in smaller law firms.

The Florida NELA has grown to more than 160 attorneys. These members include many of the top employment law attoneys in Florida.

Employment law attorneys represent plaintiffs in a wide range of employment law matters including discrimination, unfair labor practices such as failure to hire, denial of equal pay for equal work, employment harassment, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge or termination, defamation of character, unpaid wages or overtime, denial of leave, and employer retaliation.

Becoming a Member of the Florida Chapter of the NELA

To become a member of the Florida Chapter of the NELA, the attorney must regularly represent employees as 50% or more of their employment law practice.

Attorneys who become members must pay dues and be approved by the membership committee. Membership options include Regular Members and Associate Members.

Associate members include attorneys that are not eligible for regular membership, law students, mediators, and professors.

Benefits of Membership in Florida NELA

Membership in Florida NELA is available for lawyers in Florida. For the regular members of the Florida Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association (Florida NELA) the benefits of membership include:

  • voting rights;
  • eligibility to hold office;
  • a listing on the Florida NELA's "Find a Lawyer" directory on its website;
  • discounts on the Florida NELA annual and winter conferences;
  • networking opportunities at area district meetings and socials;
  • access to Florida NELA's listserve and archives,
  • access to the brief bank which includes briefs, motions, pleadings and court orders; and
  • access to the member's only section of the Florida NELA website.

Top Leadership of Florida NELA

  • President-Elect - David H. Spalter with Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A.    
  • President - Matthew Romanik with Domare, Delgado, Romanik & Rawlins    

Contact the Florida NELA

Visit the Florida NELA website to access the contact form to contact the organization.