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Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC)

The Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC) is an invitation-only organization of lawyers who focus their practice on the defense of civil claims and representation of insurers and corporations. 

Benefits of membership in FDCC include networking opportunities, invitations to educational sessions, leadership opportunities within the 25 Substantive Law Sections, and opportunities to create a more balanced justice system in the defense of civil lawsuits.

About the FDCC

Contact the FDCC

Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC)
610 Freedom Business Center Drive Suite 110
King of Prussia, 19406
Office: (610) 992-0022

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About Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC)

The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) supports leaders within the civil defense, corporate legal, and insurance industries. Members include national and international civil defense litigators, senior corporate counsel, and insurance claims executives.

The organization has more than 1,400 members including more than 1,000 members who are defense counsel, more than 200 members who are corporate counsel, and more than 35 industry members.

FDCC's Upcoming Events and Meetings

Upcoming events of the FDCC include: 

  • FDCC's 2021 Annual Meeting at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV, on August 1-7, 2021
  • FDCC's 2021 Corporate Counsel Symposium on October 2-4, 2021 at the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • FDCC's Insurance Industry Institute (I-3) at a location and date to be determined

FDCC's Committees

Members of FDCC are encouraged to take on leadership positions in the FDCC's Committees including: 

  • Webinar Committee;
  • Visibility Project Committee;
  • Trial Masters Committee;
  • Strategic Plan 2022;
  • Projects & Objections Committee;
  • Masters In Marketing Committee;
  • Local Meetings Project Committee;
  • Ladder Down;
  • International Activities Committee;
  • International Ambassadors;
  • FDCC History;
  • Evolve - Tech U;
  • Counsel Connect Award;
  • Social Media and Website Committee;
  • Professional Women's Forum;
  • Publications Committee;
  • Membership Development and Retention Committee;
  • FDCC Insurance Coverage Training Academy;
  • Meeting Sites Committee;
  • Lifetime Achievement Committee;
  • Insurance Steering Committee;
  • Insurance Industry Committee;
  • Finance & Budget Committee;
  • Diversity Award Committee;
  • Diversity Committee;
  • Corporate Counsel Committee;
  • Convention Review Committee;
  • Sponsorship Committee;
  • Contracts Committee;
  • By-Laws and Resolutions Committee;
  • Amicus and Public Policy Committee;
  • Advisory Team; and
  • Admissions Committee.

FDCC's Substantive Law Sections

FDCC manages several substantive law sections related to the relevant fields of law including:

  • Trial Tactics, Practice and Procedures;
  • Transportation;
  • Toxic Tort and Environmental Law;
  • Reinsurance, Excess and Surplus Lines;
  • Property Insurance;
  • Professional Liability;
  • Product Liability;
  • Premises and Security Liability;
  • Life, Health and Disability;
  • Law Practice Management Section;
  • International Practice and Law;
  • Intellectual Property; Insurance Coverage Section;
  • Healthcare Practice Section;
  • Extra Contractual Liability Section;
  • Energy Utilities Law Section;
  • Employment Practices and Workplace Liability;
  • Drug, Device and Biotechnology;
  • Data Breach, Privacy and Cyber Insurance Law;
  • Construction Law;
  • Commercial Litigation;
  • Class Action an Multidistrict Litigation;
  • Civil Rights and Public Entity Liability;
  • Appellate Law Section; and
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

FDCC's Past Presidents

The Past Presidents of FDCC include:

  • 1941-46 Henry B. Walker in Evansville, IN;
  • 1940-41 H. Beale Rollins in Baltimore, MD;
  • 1937-40 Scott Fitzhugh in Memphis, TN;
  • 1936-37 David F. Lee in Norwich, NY;
  • 2019-20 Elizabeth F. Lorell in Florham Park, NJ;
  • 2018-19 Donald L. Myles in Phoenix, AZ;
  • 2017-18 J. Scott Kreamer in Kansas City, MO;
  • 2016-17 H. Mills Gallivan in Greenville, SC;
  • 2015-16 Steven E. Farrar in Greenville, SC;
  • 2014-15 Victoria H. Roberts in Scottsdale, AZ;
  • 2013-14 Timothy A. Pratt in Malborough, MA;
  • 2012-13 Edward M. Kaplan in Concord, NH;
  • 2011-12 Michael I. Neil in San Diego, CA;
  • 2010-11 F. Thomas Cordell in Chickasha, OK;
  • 2009-10 Michael T. Lucey in San Francisco, CA;
  • 2008-09 Steven L. Barney in Petoskey, MI;
  • 2007-08 Wayne B. Mason in Dallas, TX;
  • 2006-07 Dan D. Kohane in Buffalo, NY;
  • 2005-06 Lewis F. Collins, Jr. in Tampa, FL;
  • 2004-05 Jean M. Lawler in Los Angeles, CA;
  • 2003-04 Jack T. Riley, Jr. in Chicago, IL;
  • 2002-03 Robert V. Dewey, Jr. in Peoria, IL;
  • 2001-02 William C. Roedder, Jr. in Mobile, AL;
  • 2000-01 William F. Fanter in Des Moines, IA;
  • 1999-00 Paul L. Price in Chicago, IL;
  • 1998-99 J. Ric Gass in Milwaukee, WI;
  • 1997-98 John R. Woodard, III in Tulsa, OK;
  • 1996-97 Victor M. Halbach, Jr. in Jacksonville, FL;
  • 1995-96 John R. Trigg in Denver, CO;
  • 1994-95 Marvin L. Karp in Cleveland, OH;
  • 1993-94 Robert L. Dickson in Santa Monica, CA;
  • 1992-93 Fred R. Ober in Miami, FL;
  • 1991-92 Robert J. Federman in Los Angeles, CA;
  • 1990-91 Douglas G. Houser in Portland, OR;
  • 1989-90 D. Dudley Oldham in Houston, TX;
  • 1988-89 Robert A. Babcock in Kansas City, MO;
  • 1987-88 Richard L. Berdelle in Chicago, IL;
  • 1986-87 Scott Conley in San Francisco, CA;
  • 1985-86 Hugh E. Reynolds, Jr. in Indianapolis, IN;
  • 1984-85 Patrick H. Dickinson in Atlanta, GA;
  • 1983-84 James B. Hiers, Jr. i nAtlanta, GA;
  • 1982-83 Thomas J. Hagerty in Hartford, CT;
  • 1981-82 Forrest A. Norman in Cleveland, OH;
  • 1980-81 Don L. Smith in Nashville, TN;
  • 1979-80 Bruce W. Williams in Salem, OR;
  • 1978-79 Edward S. Corlett, III in Miami, FL;
  • 1977-78 Dominic J. Cornella in New York, NY;
  • 1976-77 L.S. Carsey in Houston, TX;
  • 1975-76 Leonel I. Hatch in Chicago, IL;
  • 1974-75 John P. Cusack in Roswell, NM;
  • 1973-74 Phillip W. Knight in Miami, FL;
  • 1972-73 Howard M. Lester in New York, NY;
  • 1971-72 Joseph M. Best in Tulsa, OK;
  • 1970-71 W.E. Herod in Nashville, TN;
  • 1969-70 William C. Harvin in Houston, TX;
  • 1968-69 Wilbur W. Jones in Columbus, OH;
  • 1967-68 John Gordon Gearin in Portland, OR;
  • 1966-67 Edward C. German in Philadelphia, PA;
  • 1965-66 John A. Loomis in Los Angeles, CA;
  • 1964-65 David Green in Newark, NJ;
  • 1963-64 Robert O. Rooney in Chicago, IL;
  • 1962-63 William A. Porteous, Jr. in New Orleans, LA;
  • 1961-62 Carroll R. Heft in Racine, WI;
  • 1960-61 William A. Gillen in Tampa, FL;
  • 1959-60 Lowell L. Knipmeyer in Kansas City, MO;
  • 1958-59 George F. Woodliff in Jackson, MS;
  • 1957-58 Harry LaBrum in Philadelphia, PA;
  • 1956-57 John C. Williams in Houston, TX;
  • 1955-56 Robert T. Luce in Chicago, IL;
  • 1954-55 James Dempsey in White Plains, NY;
  • 1953-54 Kent H. Meyers in Cleveland, OH;
  • 1952-53 Charles B. Robison in Chicago, IL;
  • 1950-52 John Alan Appleman in Urbana, IL;
  • 1948-50 George Henry Tyne in Nashville, TN;
  • 1947-48 Julian B. Humphrey in New Orleans, LA; and
  • 1946-47 Glenn R. Dougherty in Milwaukee, WI.

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