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Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Logo of the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

For more than 20 years, the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (UACDL) has worked to improve the profession and reform the Utah criminal justice system. Today the organization has grown to more than 500 members including many of the top criminal defense attorneys in Utah.

Any attorney admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Utah who is actively engaged in the defense of criminal cases, is eligible to apply for membership in the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, as a Regular Member. Any attorney who holds or attains judicial or prosecutorial office is ineligible to become or remain a member of UACDL.

UACDL is an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Functioning as a non-profit corporation under the Utah Nonprofit Corporation and Cooperative Association Act, the UACDL offices are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Contact Information for the UACDL:

Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (UACDL)
P.O. Box 510846
46 West Broadway #230
Salt Lake City, Utah 84151
Tel: (801) 363-2976

Benefits of Membership in the UACDL

The benefits of joining the UACDL include:

  • discounts on quality CLE seminars throughout the year;
  • access to the members-only sections of the UACDL website including the brief and motion bank;
  • access to the members-only email discussion forums;
  • a subscription to The Defender, a quarterly newsletter for criminal defense attorneys in Utah; and
  • a subscription to the Utah Journal of Criminal Law which is an academic journal on criminal justice issues.

Membership classifications include the regular member, the founding member, the life member, the sustaining member and the public defender member, and the law student division member.

Geographical Board Members in UACDL

Beginning with the 2007 annual seminar of UACDL, three members are elected to represent three geographical areas:

  • Northern Utah;
  • Eastern Utah; and
  • Southern Utah.
The Northern Utah representative must maintain a physical office in either Tooele, Davis, Weber, Morgan, Box Elder, Cache, or Rich counties. The Eastern Utah representative must maintain a physical office in Summit, Wasatch, Uintah, Daggett, Carbon, Emery, Grand, or San Juan counties. The Southern Utah representative must maintain a physical office in Juab, Sanpete, Millard Sevier, Beaver, Piute, Wayne, Iron, Garfield, Washington, or Kane counties.

Purpose of the UACDL

The purpose of the UACDL is to:
  • ensure the fairness of the criminal justice system by educating and training its members on criminal defendants’ fundamental rights and the fair adjudication of criminal cases;
  • maintain and foster the integrity of criminal defense lawyers and their associates in protecting individual rights as guaranteed by the Utah and United States Constitutions;
  • encourage cooperation among defense lawyers and their associates through educational programs, public information and other assistance that:
    • promote the study and research of criminal justice;
    • disseminating educational materials that foster the advancement of civil liberties and knowledge of criminal justice, including amicus court filings;
    • providing forums for defense lawyers and associates to promote collegiality and to exchange information regarding the fair administration of criminal justice, individual rights, and the improvement of the criminal justice system; and
  • monitor and support legislation that affects criminal justice and fundamental rights.

UACDL Past Presidents

The past presidents of the UACDL include: 

  • 2015-16 Randy Richards
  • 2013-15 L. Monte Sleight
  • 2013-13 Neal Hamilton
  • 2012-13 Debbie Hill
  • 2011-12 David Shapiro
  • 2010-11 Aric Cramer
  • 2019-10 Tawni Hanseen
  • 2008-09 Chelsea Koch
  • 2007-08 Richard Gale
  • 2006-07 Kent R. Hart
  • 2005-06 Lynn Donaldson
  • 2004-05 David Finlayson
  • 2003-04 Scott C. Williams
  • 2002-03 Mark R. Moffat
  • 2001-02 Susanne Gustin
  • 2000-01 Richard Mauro
  • 1999-00 Mary C. Corporon
  • 1998-99 Michael D. Esplin
  • 1997-98 Ronald J. Yengich
  • 1996-97 Lisa J. Remal
  • 1995-96 Joan C. Watt
  • 1994-95 Stephen R. McCaughey
  • 1993-94 Loni F. Deland
  • 1992-93 D. Gilbert Athay
  • 1991-92 G. Fred Metos

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role that organizations like UACDL play in helping criminal defense attorneys in Utah. This article was last updated on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.