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Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice

The Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice (NACJ) was established in 1989. NACJ seeks to protect federal and state constitutional rights and to improve the quality and administration of justice for those accused of crimes.

NACJ supports criminal justice attorneys in Nevada by providing continuing education, fostering community engagement, and encouraging zealous advocacy. The NACJ serves as the voice of Nevada criminal defense attorneys to the state legislature, and provides a forum for members of the criminal bar in Nevada to share information and support each other.

The organization provides top quality continuing legal education (CLE) seminars and scholarships. Many criminal defense attorneys in Nevada, practicing in both state and federal court, belong to this organization.

Benefits of Membership in NACJ

Membership in the organization is open to all attorneys in the State of Nevada who practice criminal defense including both private attorneys and public defenders. The benefits of joining the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice include:

  • a listinig on the NACJ website designed with a "Find a Lawyer" membership directory that is open to the public;
  • invitations to attend quality CLE courses and seminars focused on criminal defense for free or at a reduced cost;
  • access to "Unreasonable Doubt" which is a monthly newsletter published by NACJ;
  • access to NACJ's list-serve;
  • opportunities to network at meetings and regularly scheduled socials;
  • support from NACJ to members who are threaten while representing a client with disciplinary action or contempt;
  • a voice in the Nevada Legislature to advocate the positions of the organization; and
  • eligibility for scholarships to NCDC or other trial academies.

NACJ is a member affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice publishes a newsletter called "Unreasonable Doubt" which features NACJ events, news, updates, and articles. For any Nevada attorney interested in criminal defense this monthly digest is essential to staying informed.

Visit this link to find the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice on Facebook.

Membership Levels in NACJ

NACJ provides several different membership levels including:

  • President's Club: $1,000-$2500 
  • Patron: $500 
  • Sustaining Member: $250 
  • Private Attorney ( w/ 3+ years practicing): $200 
  • Government/New Attorney: $100
  • Rural Practitioner: $100 
  • Student: $20 

Awards from NACJ

Each year the NACJ presents the "Defender of the Year" award at the Annual Dinner. The award goes to a criminal defense attorney who "exemplifies the characteristics of zealous advocacy for his or her clients, fights against injustices no matter where it may lead, continual and consistent commitment to the betterment of the law and the legal profession and a passion and commitment to the pursuit of justice."

Past awardees include:

  • John Lambrose (2011)
  • Dominic Gentile (2010)
  • Amy Coffee (2009)
  • Scott Freeman (2008)
  • Phil Kohn (2007)
  • Alzora Jackson (2006)
  • Jordan Savage (2005)
  • JoNell Thomas (2004)
  • John Watkins (2003)

Leadership in NACJ

The leadershi in NACJ includes:

  • President  - John Piro
  • Past President - Augustus Claus
  • Past President - Chip Siegel (2005-06)

Contact Information

Email: nacjonline@gmail.com
Telephone: (775) 285-6225

This article was last updated on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.