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Criminal Defense Lawyer Travis Finck Elected to Board of Directors of Nation’s Criminal Defense Bar

Washington, DC (Feb. 20, 2024) – North Dakota criminal defense lawyer Travis Finck was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) at the Association’s Midwinter Board Meeting in Las Vegas. He joins those who are currently serving their terms on the NACDL Board of Directors. 

Finck's involvement in criminal defense has spanned his entire career. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the agency overseeing public defense in North Dakota, and 100% of his practice is devoted to the oversight of public defense cases. 

As an active member of NACDL, Finck was appointed by President Michael Heiskell as co-chair of the Public Defense Committee, and he serves on the rural defender group led by NACDL Director of Public Defense Bonnie Hoffman. He previously served on the Chief Defender Proposal Working Group. Beyond formal committee assignments, Finck has worked closely with Bonnie Hoffman and NACDL Public Defense Counsel Monica Milton to bring NACDL trainings to North Dakota, a historic initiative through a grant awarded to NACDL. He has consistently provided state-level information for NACDL's grant applications, emphasizing his dedication to furthering the organization's mission. 

Travis Finck's desire to join the NACDL Board of Directors emerged during his first meeting in Philadelphia, where he witnessed the value of NACDL's camaraderie and the quality of speakers. Despite budget constraints, he prioritized attendance at NACDL meetings, encouraging his employees to do the same. 

Finck's involvement extends beyond NACDL, as he actively collaborates with national and state-level groups and committees to pursue a fair and just legal system. His work with the National Association of Public Defense and the National Task Force to Examine State Court Response to Mental Health exemplifies his dedication to addressing critical issues on a broader scale. Within North Dakota, Finck has played a pivotal role in legislative efforts, contributing to the rewriting of competency laws, restructuring juvenile court procedures, and resisting mandatory minimums. Recently appointed chair of a workgroup re-examining the handling of juvenile delinquency cases in North Dakota, Finck continues to shape the legal landscape for the better. 

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