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Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Logo of the Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MTACDL) was established in 1997. As an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, MTACDL provides training and other resources to private practitioners, full time public defenders, court appointed attorneys, and tribal court advocates.

Members must certify that they are criminal defense attorneys in Montana who are not currently employed as a prosecutor in any local, state, tribal, or federal office. If the member accepts an appointment as a temporary prosecutor or as a temporary police legal advisor, then the member must request a waiver of the provisions of the bylaws of the association prohibiting membership of prosecutors within 30 days.

Benefits of Membership in MTACDL

Member benefits of MTACDL include:

  • the opportunity to attend the annual two-day CLE seminar held each March at the Chico Hot Springs resort;
  • networking opportunities at periodic meetings;
  • a voice in the Montana legislature on issues impacting the profession;
  • the opportunity to attend Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses and seminars for reduced fees;
  • amicus briefs filed in the state and federal courts in Montana at the request of members or the courts;
  • access to the MTACDL brief bank;
  • access to a message board and listserv where members can seek advice and assistance of other members; and
  • the opportunity for referrals through the MTACDL website designed with a “Find a Lawyer” membership directory

Lawyer of the Year

Each year, MTACDL designates an attorney for its "Lawyer of the Year" award for outstanding work in criminal defense. Recent awardees include:

  • 2013 - John Smith
  • 2012 - Mark Werner
  • 2011 - Palmer Hoovestal
  • 2010 - Chris Daly
  • 2009 - Dan Donovan
  • 2008 - Michael Donahoe
Past Presidents of MTACDL include:
  • Jason Holden
  • Eric Olson, Office of the State Public Defender

Contact Information

Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MTACDL)
P.O. Box 2927
Great Falls, MT 59403

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