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Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Logo of the Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (IACDL) is a non profit organization for criminal defense attorneys practicing in Idaho. IACDL works to improve the quality of criminal defense legal services by providing attorneys with training through continuing legal education (CLE) seminars.

IACDL also influences and educates the Idaho legislature on criminal justice issues on behalf of the organization. The IACDL serves both a professional organization seeking to improve the practices of criminal defense lawyers in Idaho and as an advocacy organization, lobbying on criminal justice issues.

Contact Information for IACDL

Idaho Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (IACDL)
P.O. Box 2047
Boise, Idaho 83701
Phone Number: 208-343-1000
Website: http://www.idacdl.org/

Membership in IACDL

Benefits of becoming a member of the IACDL include:

  • Listing on the "Find a Lawyer" feature on the IDACDL website membership directory;
  • Access to a members-only listserv;
  • Access to a brief and motion bank on the members-only sections of the IDACDL website;
  • Discounts on Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses and seminars on issues related to criminal defense;
  • Access to articles and publications from IDACDL including The Trumpet and Idaho's Best Criminal Cases; and
  • Right to assistance from the IDACDL "Strike Force."

Upcoming events include:

  • Idaho Falls Seminar on January 17, 2020, at Springhill Suites
  • Sun Valley Seminar on April 17-18, 2020

Committees on the IACDL

Members can join one of four committees on IACDL including:

  • Amicus Committee
  • DUI Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • CLE Committee

Past Presidents of IACDL

The past presidents of IACDL include:

Other Resources for Criminal Defense Attorneys in Idaho

Federal Defender Services of Idaho - Federal Defender Services of Idaho was founded in 1994 as a branch office of the Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho under the authority of the Criminal Justice Act, 18 U.S.C. § 3006A. Members of the Federal Defender Services of Idaho share a passion for justice in representing indigent people accused of federal crimes.

Idaho State Appellate Public Defender - The Office of the Idaho State Appellate Public Defender (SAPD) was created in 1998 by the Idaho legislature to provide appellate representation to indigent defendants convicted of a felony in district court. The SAPD also provides appellate representation to petitioners in state felony post-conviction cases and habeas cases. The SAPD has 22 full-time employees in the Capital Litigation Unit and the Appellate Unit.

Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association - The Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association (IPAA) is a nonprofit corporation whose members are the elected county prosecutors, deputy prosecutors and other associate members. The IPAA provides education through seminars, publications and technical support to prosecutors throughout Idaho. The IPAA sponsors the Winter Conference in February and the Summer Conference each August as well as the Newly Elected Prosecutors Course, New Prosecutors Course, and Trial Advocacy trainings developed by the Idaho Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP).

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