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Miami Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Miami Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers was formed in 1963. Today it has grown to more than 450 members. As one of the largest and most active bar associations in Miami-Dade County, members include criminal defense attorneys in private practice and those that work for the regional conflict office or the public defender's office in either state or federal court.

Members can serve the Miami Chapter on the executive board, on the board of directors, as a statewide chapter representative, or as a young lawyer director. Members also have a chance to give additional financial support to the Miami Chapter by becoming a Lifetime Member.

Benefits of Membership in the Miami Chapter of FACDL

For criminal defense attorneys in Miami, FL, the benefits of becoming a member in the Miami Chapter of FACDL include:

  • discounts and quality continuing legal education (CLE) seminars;
  • networking opportunities with many of the most experienced criminal defense lawyers in the county;
  • exclusive listserver where members can communication with each other on topics of common concern; and
  • access to the members only expert list and motion bank.

As a chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL), the organization helps criminal and DUI defense attorneys in Miami and throughout South Florida as they fight to protect their client against criminal charges.

Recent Past Presidents / Director Emeritus of the Miami Chapter of FACDL

The recent past presidents / director emeritus of the Miami Chapter of FACDL include:

2015      Teresa Enriquez
2014      Margot Moss
2013      Eduardo X. Pereira
2012      Jude M. Faccidomo
2011      Beatriz A. "Betty" Llorente
2010      Sabrina Puglisi
2009      Hector L. Flores
2008      Rick Freedman
2007      Barry M. Wax
2006      David O. Markus
2005      Brian L. Tannebaum
2004      H. Scott Fingerhut
2003      Kenneth P. Hassett
2002      Paul M. Rashkind
2001      Leonard A. Sands
2000      Gregory A. Prebish
1999      Jeffrey E. Feiler
1998      Kenneth M. Swartz
1997      Pamela I. Perry
1996      Honorable Richard L. Hersch
1995      Steven M. Potolsky
1994      Honorable Robert N. Scola, Jr.
1993      David B. Rothman
1992      William Aaron
1991      Honorable Milton Hirsch
1990      Benedict P. Kuehne
1989      Jose M. Quinon
1988      Honorable Theodore Klein (dec.)
1987      Edward R. Shohat
1986      Richard A. Sharpstein

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