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Association of Federal Defense Attorneys

The Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (“AFDA”) is an online community of attorneys who practice criminal defense in the federal courtrooms throughout the United States. The organization includes both public defenders and attorneys in private practice. The AFDA helps to facilitate nationwide communication and networking within the federal criminal defense bar. 

AFDA is entirely member-supported with $175 annual dues or $300 dues for two years.

The AFDA was founded in 1995. Over the past 20 years the AFDA has been upgraded to incorporate the latest Internet technology for online communication. The website - www.AFDA.org encourages networking opportunities for criminal defense lawyers and other professionals in the federal system’s criminal justice arena.

Use the AFDA website to find forum posts, featured news, updates. seminar announcements. Many of the top federal criminal defense attorneys in the United States join the AFDA. These attorneys represent clients accused of a wide array of federal crimes including white collar crimes such as health care fraud, criminal tax fraud, and environmental crimes.

AFDA's Website: http://afda.org/

Benefits of Membership in the AFDA

Criminal defense attorneys who join the AFDA enjoy many benefits of membership including:

  1. the ability to participate in discussion forums on case opinions, federal sentencing, white collar defense and CJA Panels;
  2. free online video seminars on different topics within the federal criminal justice system;
  3. access to recordings of prior online video seminars;
  4. a free online profile for your law practice that links back to your website; and
  5. important news and updates on recent developments in federal criminal law.

For lawyers focused on white collar crimes, the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys’ offers a White Collar Roundtable. This informal, hour-long panel discussion in an online video format covering key developments in a variety of white collar areas.

AFDA managed a LinkedIn Forum. The purpose of this group on LinkedIn is to provide the federal criminal defense community with a forum to post updates and comments and learn more about upcoming seminars presented on the AFDA web site.

This article was last updated on Friday, September 2, 2016.