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Trial Attorneys of New Jersey (TANJ)

Trial Attorneys of New Jersey (“TANJ”) is headquartered in West Allenhurst, New Jersey.  This non-profit organization was created more than 50 years ago to provide a more unified voice to New Jersey’s Trial Attorneys. Today, TANJ has grown to more than 700 members. The Executive Director of TANJ is Ginny Whipple-Berkner.

The attorneys in the TANJ include both plaintiff and defense civil attorneys. The organization also includes criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey from both the public and private sector.

The organization promotes the interest of the litigants involved in civil and criminal cases throughout the State of New Jersey.

Membership levels include Regular Membership, Junior Membership, and Public Sector Membership. The TANJ provides a reduced membership rate for young attorneys, government employees and law students.

Many of the top personal injury attorneys in New Jersey and the top criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey belong to this organization. 

Contact Information for the TANJ

Trial Attorneys of New Jersey (TANJ)
P.O. Box 184
West Allenhurst, NJ 07711
Website: www.tanj.org

Benefits of Membership in TANJ

Benefits of joining TANJ include:

  • access to qualified continued legal education (CLE) seminars;
  • the ability to participate in judicial evaluation;
  • a subscription to a monthly newsletter which includes legal updates;
  • amicus briefs on issues affecting the Trial Bar;
  • access to legislative services; and
  • networking opportunities at meetings and the annual conference.

Each year the TANJ gives Trial Bar Awards to outstanding New Jersey attorneys.

Committees on the TANJ

Trial Attorneys of New Jersey (“TANJ”) is governed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Board that meet each month. Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the various committees including:

  • the Website Committee;
  • the Constitution / By Laws Revision Committee;
  • Travel / Entertainment / Speakers Committee;
  • Officers and New Trustees Selection Committee;
  • Legislative Coordination Committee;
  • Membership Committee;
  • Education / Seminars / Back to Basics Committee;
  • Long Range Planning Committee;
  • Publicity / Pro Bono Committee;
  • Editorial / Summation Committee;
  • Judicial Evaluation Committee;
  • Administration Committee; and
  • Trial Bar Awards Selection Committee.

TANJ’s Annual Trial Bar Awards Banquet

Each year, the TANJ hosts the Trial Bar Awards Banquet. At the banquet, the TANJ presents outstanding attorneys in New Jersey with the Daniel L. Golden Lifetime Achievement Award and the Trial Bar Award. Over the last ten years, the recipients of the TANJ’s Trial Bar Awards have included:

Christine A. Amalfe
Dennis M. Donnelly
Daniel J. Pomeroy

Rowena M. Duran
John Zen Jackson
David R. Kott

Alan I. Dunst
Kathleen S. Murphy
Hon. Alvin Weiss (Ret.)
Jack Wurgaft

Joseph J. Garvey
John A. Ridley
Cynthia A. Walters
Thomas R. Ashley
Thaddeus J. Hubert, III
Joseph P. LaSala
Judith A. Wahrenberger
Jerome J. (Jerry) Graham, Jr.
Michael R. Griffinger
Diane P. Sullivan
Yves C. Veenstra

Edward B. Deutsch
Carol L. Forte
Louis A Ruprecht
Bruce H. Stern

Frank D. Allen
Bernard F. Boglioli
Lauren E. Handler
James B. Moran     

Timothy L. Barnes
Kenneth S. Javerbaum
Joan B. Sherman
Michael L. Testa
Kenneth G. Andres, Jr.
Francis X. Dee
James D. Martin
Jeffrey A. Peck     

Thomas R. Chesson
Jay H. Greenblatt
Honorable Douglas T. Hague (Retired)

Past Presidents of TANJ

Since 1991, the Past Presidents of the TANJ have included:

2019 - John E. Hogan
2018 - Michael R. Ricciardulli
2017 - Richard J. Williams, Jr.
2016 - Craig S. Hilliard
2015 - Paul A. O’Connor, III
2014 - Diana C. Manning
2013 - Harry D. McEnroe
2012 - John D. North
2011 - Demetrios C. Batsides
2010 - Michael J. Marone
2009 - Jack Simons
2008 - Louis J. DeVoto
2007 - John E. Keefe, Jr.
2006 - Paul G. Nittoly
2005 - Jefferson T. Barnes
2004 - Edwin R. Matthews
2003 - Lars S. Hyberg
2002 - Susan M. Sharko
2001 - Joseph P. LaSala
2000 - John Zen Jackson
1999 - Anita Hotchkiss
1998 - Yves C. Veenstra
1997 - Peter E. Rhatican
1996 - Thomas M. Mulcahy
1995 - Timothy L. Barnes
1994 - Jeffrey A. Peck
1993 - Peter L. Korn
1992 - William C. Carey
1991 - John T. Dolan

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