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American Intellectual Property Law Association

Formed in 1897, the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is the leading organization in intellectual property law focused on education, outreach, member service, and advocacy. With nearly 14,000 members, this national bar association constituted primarily of lawyers in private and corporate practice, in government service, and in the academic community.

AIPLA serves its members by fostering their professional and leadership development and mentors intellectual property law attorneys as they advance within the profession by responding to their personal and professional needs. 

The organization serves public policy leaders who implement and maintain the intellectual property system by maintaining fair and effective global laws and policies that stimulate and reward innovation and creative works in keeping with the public interest.

AIPLA is also the US national group of the Global IP Association AIPPI, known now as the AIPPI-US Division. With a staff of 27, the AIPLA is governed by a Board of Directors and headed by an Executive Director, located in Arlington, Virginia.

Contact Information:

American Intellectual Property Law Association
1400 Crystal Drive, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22202
Telephone; 703-415-0780
Fax: 703-415-0786
Website: aipla@aipla.org

Membership in AIPLA

Approximately 63% of the regular members of AIPLA are in private practice, 33% of the regular members are in corporate practice, and the rest of the regular members are in the government or academia.

To become a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the applicant must be members in good standing of the Bar of a court of record of the United States or any State, the District of Columbia, or is registered to practice with the USPTO. Affiliate membership is available to IP Professionals, Technical Advisors, and Paralegals.

Conferences of the AIPLA

The organization conducts three conferences a year in mid-winter, spring, and fall. The AIPLA conferences provide educational seminars on the latest developments in intellectual property law. The 2017 AIPLA Spring Meeting is scheduled at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego, CA, on May 17-19, 2017.

The organization also conducts several seminars on specialized areas of intellectual property law throughout the year across the United States. Online educational programs can be found on the AIPLA website.

Publications of AIPLA

The American Intellectual Property Law Association publications include:

  • the AIPLA Quarterly Journal - a scholarly law journal published four times a year;
  • the AIPLA Bulletin - an overview of AIPLA meetings published electronically three times a year.
The organization also publishes meeting papers from the regularly scheduled conferences and nationwide seminars. Twice each year, the AIPLA publishes the Report of the Economic Survey which provides a benchmarking tool for compensation and charges in the intellectual property law field.

Members also have access to an online membership directory provided by the organizations.

Committees of the AIPLA

Members are encouraged to take on leadership roles within the organization be joining committees including:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy
  • Antitrust Law
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Practice
  • Copyright Law
  • Corporate Practice
  • Diversity in IP Law
  • Education
  • Electronic and Computer Law
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Food and Drug
  • Industrial Designs
  • International and Foreign Law
  • International Education
  • International Trade Commission
  • IP Practice in China
  • IP Practice in Europe
  • IP Practice in Israel
  • IP Practice in Japan
  • IP Practice in Latin America
  • IP Practice in the Far East
  • Law Practice Management
  • Law Students
  • Licensing and Management of IP Assets
  • Membership Committee
  • Mentoring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • New Lawyers
  • Online Programs
  • Patent Agents
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty Issues
  • Patent Law
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent-Relations with the USPTO
  • Professional Programs
  • PTAB Trial
  • Public Education
  • Special Committee on Judges
  • Standards and Open Source
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Trademark Internet
  • Trademark Law
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trademark Treaties and International Law
  • Trademark-Relations with the USPTO
  • Women in IP Law

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