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About Us

Lawyer Legion was created out of necessity in order to help a non-profit organization, the NORML National Legal Committee (NLC), launch a better membership directory. During that pro-bono marketing project, we realized that all non-profit legal organizations needed a better membership directory.

On March 22, 2013, Jason E. Miller and Leslie M. Sammis co-founded Lawyer Legion as a division of Internet LAVA, LLC.

By flipping a switch, Lawyer Legion feeds a designated set of attorney profiles to a separate membership directory on the organization's own website. The organization can easily add or delete members from their directory and handle other administrative tasks. When powered by Lawyer Legion, the organization's directory dominates online searches for its niche specialty area of the law.

The parent company, Internet LAVA, LLC, builds websites and internet marketing strategies for attorneys across the country. Headquartered in Houston, TX, the company has grown to more than 12 full-time employees over the past ten years. The success of the company is directly attributable to its talented team of designers, programmers, content writers, and project managers.

By working with non-profit legal organizations, both Lawyer Legion and Internet LAVA, LLC, have become a trusted source for website design and internet marketing strategies for lawyers and the legal organizations that support them.

The Old-Fashioned Way of Finding an Attorney 

We created Lawyer Legion to promote the old-fashioned ways of finding an attorney. We organize our directory the way attorneys organize themselves. We recognize leadership in specialty bar associations, non-profit legal organizations, and specialty certification programs.

Acknowledging participation in these highly respected legal organizations remains one of the best ways to determine a lawyer's focus and competency in a specialty area of the law. 

Traditionally, these organizations have played an important role in helping the public find a qualified attorney.  Although the organizations have stood the test of time, they often struggle with maintaining their online presence. 

At Lawyer Legion, we have two goals:

  • partnering with trusted legal organizations, both big and small, to help them build better membership directories that compete online in their niche with the larger commercial directories; and
  • promoting non-profit legal organizations, specialty certification programs, and lawyer referral services sponsored by local bar associations.

We help the public use the newest technologies to find an attorney in an old-fashioned way.

This article was last updated on Thursday, January 9, 2020.