Attorney Referral Service in Kitsap County

Kitsap Legal Services operates a non-profit Attorney Referral Service to help individuals and businesses find a local attorney in Port Orchard or Bremerton, Washington and throughout the surrounding areas of Kitsap County. The Kitsap Legal Service (KLS) is a member organization of the Alliance for Equal Justice, a network of civil legal aid programs for low-income populations in Washington State.

The KLS Attorney Referral Service refers people, without respect to income, to local attorneys. The KLS charges a $50 fee to help cover the cost of the service. After the referral, the individual can then contact the attorney for an initial half-hour consultation at no additional cost.

During the initial consultation you can discuss the case with the attorney and the attorney fees needed for additional representation. The attorneys charge their normal rate for any services needed after the initial consultation.

Contact Information:

Attorney Referral Service of Kitsap Legal Services
920 Park Avenue (PO Box 1446)
Bremerton, WA 98337
Phone: 360-373-2426

You can also contact the Attorney Referral Service using the web form on the KLS website.

Finding an Attorney in Kitsap County, Washington

If you need to find an attorney in Kitsap County, Washington, including Port Orchard or Bremerton, then consider the benefits of using an Attorney Referral Service offered by Kitsap Legal Services.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role that Lawyer Referral Services in Washington State play in helping the public find an attorney. These community based non-profit services help people find a local attorney that is pre-screened for his or her experienced in the needed practice area.