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Attorneys Board Certified in International Litigation & Arbitration in Florida

In Florida, attorneys can earn the designation as “Board Certified in International Litigation and Arbitration.” The Florida Board of Legal Specialization added the new category of "international litigation and arbitration" as a specialty effective February 1, 2018 (SC16-1961).

Rule 6-31.2 of the Standards for Board Certification define the term "International Litigation and Arbitration" to include both foreign and comparative law.

The term "International Litigation and Arbitration" is further defined to mean "the practice of law dealing with disputes in court or arbitration arising from the relations between or among states and international organizations as well as the relations between or among nationals of different states, or between a state and a national of another state."

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More about International Litigation or Arbitration

Pursuant to Rule 6-31.3(b), to become board certified in thepractice of international litigation, the attorney must show substantial involvement in this specialty practice area. 

For instances, the attorney must have substantial involvement in contested international litigation and arbitration cases sufficient to demonstrate special competence as an international litigation and arbitration lawyer.

The rule explains that substantial involvement includes "active participation in client interviewing, counseling, investigating, preparation of pleadings and arbitration submissions, participation in discovery, taking of testimony, presentation of evidence, negotiation of settlement, drafting and preparation of settlement agreements, argument and trial of international cases in court or before an arbitral panel, or service as an arbitrator."

UnderRule 6-31.3(c), the attorney "must have had substantial involvement in a minimum of 16 contested international litigation and arbitration matters during the 8-year period immediately preceding application."


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