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Board Certification in DUI Defense Law

National College for DUI Defense, Board Certified Specialist, DUI Defense Law

The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. (NCDD) is an organization that grants specialty or board certification for DUI Defense Law. At last count the NCDD had granted board certification in DUI Defense Law to approximately 45 attorneys across the country.

For purposes of the board certification program the term "DUI Defense Law" is defined to include all driving-related offenses for driving under the influence of alcohol or while impaired by chemical or controlled substances.

Different states use different terms for DUI type offenses including DWI, OUI, OWI, or DWAI. Board certified attorneys in those states can use replace the term DUI with the appropriate term for their state.

Directory to Find a Board Certified Attorney in DUI Defense Law

Use our online attorney directory to find a board certified DUI defense attorney in your state that has earned board certification from the NCDD. Just use the map to click on a state to find all of the attorneys who have earned board certification in that particular state.

Some states do not have a board certified attorney in DUI Defense Law.

History of Board Certification in DUI Defense Law

The Board of Regents for NCDD certified the first lawyer as board certified in DUI Defense in 1999. Four years later the American Bar Association (ABA) formally recognized DUI Defense Law as a legal specialty area of practice. In 2004, the American Bar Association (ABA) accredited the National College for DUI Defense, Inc (NCDD) to certified lawyers in that specialty area.

The purpose of granting board certification in DUI Defense Law is to recognize DUI and DWI lawyers who focus their practice on representing men and women accused of drunk and impaired driving offenses. Board certification recognizes and validates the attorney's claim to specialize in these unique types of cases. Board certification also helps the public learn more about the attorney's unique qualifications.

The ABA has recognize the NCDD as the only organization that is accredited to award certification in this specialty area of the law. Approximately 20 states recognize programs accredited by the ABA, although many of those states have additional requirements before the attorney can use the phrase "board certified" in advertisements.

Some states do not have rules to recognize board certification in DUI Defense Law awarded by NCDD. In fact, some states have a requirement that "DUI Defense Law" must be formally adopted in that state as a specialty practice area of the law before the attorney's certification can be recognized in that state.

What are the NCDD's requirements for Board Certification in "DUI Defense Law"?

In order to qualify for board certification in "DUI Defense Law" the attorney must do the following:

  • Apply for board certification with NCDD;
  • Pay the applicable non-refundable filing fee when the initial application is submitted;
  • Satisfy certain minimum practice requirements;
  • Pass a oral and written examination related to knowledge of the procedural and substantive law related to DUI and DUI related crimes, the science behind chemical testing of the breath, blood or urine, and NHTSA guidelines on field sobriety testing, NHTSA guidelines on drug recognition tests;
  • Renew the certification every five years, after board certification is awarded.

Additional Resources

NCDD’s Accreditation as a Board Certification Program - Visit Wikipedia to learn more about the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) became a board certification program recognized by the American Bar Association to certify specialist in DUI Defense Law as a specialty area in the practice of law. In 2008, the American Bar Association re-accredited the NCDD’s specialty certification program in DUI Defense Law. It is the only organization accredited to certify lawyers as a board certified specialist in DUI defense law although a newly formed organization, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA) has started the process to have its own specialty certification program recognized by the ABA. 

This article was last updated on Friday, November 22, 2019.