Alaska Bar Rules for Attorney Advertising

In the digital age it's almost an necessity to advertise online. Most attorneys market themselves online either on social media or their own tailor made websites. However, the Alaska Bar Rules has regulations for firms wishing to advertise on the Internet. These rules ensure that all attorneys are ethical in their advertisements to both the clients and other rival firms. Failure to uphold these rules can result in some type of disciplinary action by the bar. 

The Alaska Bar Rules may seem restrictive in regards to traditional advertising. However, a firm can still market effectively while staying in compliance with the Bar. Researching how search engines work, social media platforms, and other relevant markting techniques can help you maintain a strong Internet presence. 

Resources for Attorney Advertising in Alaska

Alaska Rules of Professional Conduct - Read the 2013-2014 rules of professional conduct including Rule 7.1 on Communications Commications Concerning a Lawyer's Services, Rule 7.2 on Advertising, and Rule 7.3 on Direct Contact with Prospective Clients.

Adopted Ethics Opinions - Read the ethics options listed in chronological order. Theses opinions were approved by the Alaska Bar Association Ethics Committee and adopted by the Board of Governors.

Use of Membership in Lawyer Ranking System In Lawyer/Law Firm Advertising - This opinion was Adopted by the Board of Governors on May 5, 2009. Alaska Bar Association Ethics Opinion No. 2009-2 discusses the proper way to reference rankings in commercial rating systems, such as Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers, in a lawyer's advertising materials.

Last updated on Thursday, October 11, 2018.