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Recent Lawyer Profiles

Amy K Witherite
Christina J. Kane
Stephen Babcock
Mark Sobel
Zack Groves
Jean Mauss
Gordon B. Fine
Deanie Paul Disser
Nathan Coulter
Carissa Jakobe
Merwyn J Miller
Joanne M Stella
John M. Loeschen
Kathleen Finnerty
Ryan Tables
Joy Elkins
Glen Frost
Iris Ring
Joel Williams
Eric Foster
Kevin C. Brague
Matthew McLeod
Clifford J. Petroske
Robert Tsigler
Guy Ballenger
Dayn A. Holstrom
William Shrader

Top Lawyer Profiles

John Hunter Smith
Rosalyn Sia Baker-Barnes
Bobby D Mims
Lydia Clay-Jackson
Geraldine Welikson Hess
Robert Stephen Toale
Gerald Harris Goldstein
Christian Dietrich Searcy
William C. Head
Justin James McShane
Virginia Louise Landry
Jamie Balagia
Cynthia Eva Hujar Orr
Rhidian David Watson Orr
Stephen Lyle Hamilton
John Eric Romano
Jeralyn Elise Merritt
Jeffrey S Weiner
C. Calvin Warriner III
Jay Marcus Tiftickjian
Doug Murphy
David C Serna
John Wesley Hall Jr.
Norm Kent
Jim Mac Perdue Jr.
Edward A Mallett
Jim Mac Perdue Jr.

About Lawyer Legion's Online Directory

Our Mission: We help people find a qualified attorney. Our unique system ranks lawyers based on their membership in trusted non-profit legal organizations, speaking engagements at quality CLE seminars, dedication to specific niche areas of the law, and participation in board and specialty certification programs. Lawyer Legion is a free resource for both the public and attorneys.

Empowering the Public: Finding the right attorney can be a daunting task. Lawyer Legion empowers consumers by providing the public with a comprehensive lawyer directory in an online environment rich with information. By rating attorneys based on objective criteria, our directory helps the public make an informed decision. Read more about tips on finding the right attorney for your case.

Serving Lawyers: For attorneys, connecting with local consumers can be difficult given the increasingly competitive nature of the legal marketing industry. Many attorneys are frustrated with internet marketing and the expense associated with other online directories. The Lawyer Legion directory provides lawyers with a free resource that helps them connect with their ideal clients who can benefit the most from their knowledge and experience.

Promoting Associations: From local voluntary bar associations to national non-profit organizations, these groups are the foundation for a well-versed community of legal professionals. Legal associations play a pivotal role in activism, reform, education and community support for the legal profession. We provide legal associations with web development services and membership management software. Our system provides legal associations with a convenient portal to help them stay connected with their members and communicate information on upcoming events such as seminars and conferences.

Acknowledging Specialty Certifications: Lawyer Legion is the only online resource where you can find virtually every board certified lawyer in the country. Our directory includes attorneys in both national and state certification programs. We believe in recognizing board certified attorneys for their specialized training and dedication to specific areas of the law.

Last updated on Friday, February 24, 2017.